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Site Map for Hippeastrum and Lily Bulbs
Lilium 'Apollo' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Cancun' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Citronella' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Claire' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Cote d'Azur' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Fata Morgana' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Gironde' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Gran Paradiso' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Kingdom' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'King Pete' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Lennox' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Lollypop' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Montreux' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Orange County' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Prunotto' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Rosella's Dream' - Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Buff Pixie' - Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Butter Pixie' - Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Ceb Crimson' - Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Inuvik' - Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Pink Pixie' - Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Tailor Made' - Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid
Lilium 'Mrs R O Backhouse' - Martagon Hybrid
Lilium 'Snow Queen' - Longiflorum Hybrid
Lilium 'African Queen' - Trumpet Hybrid
Lilium 'Golden Splendour' - Trumpet Hybrid
'Lilium 'Pink Perfection' - Trumpet Hybrid
Lilium 'Regale' - Trumpet Hybrid
Lilium 'Acapulco' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Arena' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Barbaresco' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Bergamo' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Black Beauty' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Casa Blanca' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Cobra' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Con Amore' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Garden Party' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'La Reve' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Lovely Girl' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Mona Lisa' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Robert Swanson' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Siberia' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Starfighter' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Star Gazer' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Visa Versa' - Oriental Hybrid
Lilium 'Conca d'Or' - Miscellaneous Hybrid
Lilium 'Red Dutch' - Miscellaneous Hybrid
Lilium 'Triumphator' - Miscellaneous Hybrid
Lilium auratum - Species
Lilium cernuum - Species
Lilium davidii - Species
Lilium duchartrei - Species
Lilium formosanum - Species
Lilium formosanum pricei - Species
Lilium hansonii - Species
Lilium henryi - Species
Lilium leichtlinii - Species
Lilium martagon - Species
Lilium nepalense - Species
Lilium pardalinum - Species
Lilium pumilum - Species
Lilium superbum - Species
Lilium wallichianum - Species
Lilium lancifolium 'Splendens' - Unspecified
Lilium speciosum 'Rubrum' - Unspecified
Hippeastrum and Lily Bulb Gallery Introduction
Hippeastrum and Lily Bulb Site Map

Aberdeen Gardening - from Bonnie Scotland. Profile of plants that grow well in North East Scotland:-

"I am Alistair and have been gardening in Aberdeen with my wife Myra for forty years. I suppose it would be quite true to say that we are rather fanatical about our garden.

Neither of us are professional gardeners, however over the years we have built up a great deal of knowledge as to how garden plants perform in the cooler climate of Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

My posts are to provide information to the amateur gardener. I am not infallible, however I will let you know exactly how the plants which I feature performed in this part of the country."

When you are on the home page of Aberdeen Gardening and you click on 'Your Gardens', then 'Esthers boring garden blog', you will be able to see this very important information on how to solve the problem of male aggression:-

"This is about how to solve the problem of male aggression in densely populated trout farms. It comes from ‘Mendel’s Dwarf’ - a novel by Simon Mawer. (1997.) (I’m uncomfortable with his use of commas but if he wants to put them after brackets and before ‘but’s . . . well, I wouldn’t want anyone interfering with my punctuation so I’ve left his alone.)

'You rear some female trout (XX of course), but you dose them with male sex hormone. This turns them into males of a kind. They produce sperm, for example. But genetically they remain XX, and so every sperm cell produced contains an X chromosome. Using these 'males' as a source of sperm, every fertilisation will be by an X sperm with an X egg. Every baby trout that these 'males' father (if you'll forgive the expression) will turn out female.'

That’s neat isn’t it? Don’t want fights? Miss out males."


Deeproot Plant base is an encyclopaedia of plants in the form of a simple to use interactive database. It is supplied complete with extensive data, but also enables adding and modification with personal information, including references to external material. The fully featured PC edition is available for download, also the same data may be viewed in the free simplified on-line version at www.deeproot.co.uk . The commercial reproduction rights of the photos in the database are for sale from Geoffrey Looker of Deeproot Software - email: enq@deeproot.co.uk.

Plant World Devon Ltd was formed in 1985 and supplies rare and unusual seeds to retail and wholesale customers all around the world. At any one time there are around 2000 flower and vegetable seeds in store and available to be purchased on-line.
Plant World Devon Ltd, St Marychurch Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4SE  (01803 872939)

R. V. Roger Ltd, The Nurseries, Malton Road (A169), Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7JW - Tel:(01751)472226 - Fax:(01751)476749 is a traditional third-generation family-run nursery, with the emphasis on plant quality and first-class customer service. The range of field-grown fruit trees grown is one of the best in the country, including many traditional varieties, which are becoming quite rare. They also grow over 40,000 roses in nearly 300 varieties. The rose field is usually in flower from the middle of July until the autumn, when you are welcome to visit and walk through the field. Besides shrubs and ornamental trees, R. V. Roger also produce four bulb catalogues throughout the year, offering choice for a plant or plants by mail order direct from the 280 acre nursery.

All lilies are potentially lethal to cats. As little as one leaf can kill a cat if they eat it, and any part of the plant is dangerous, including the pollen, flowers and leaves. The first symptoms that are likely to occur after a cat ingests lilies are depression, lack of appetite and sometimes vomiting. If left untreated, the symptoms will worsen and include dehydration, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties and bad breath. It is likely that the cat will eventually suffer from acute renal failure. If medical treatment isn't sought within hours, the cat will probably die. If you think your cat has eaten any part of a lily plant you should get it to a vet as quickly as possible. The cat may have to go on dialysis to improve its kidney function. It seems that cats are the only animals to be affected by lilies in this way. Other plants to be cautious of include dieffenbachia (dumb cane or leopard lily), hemerocallis (day lily), cyclamen, poinsettia and amaryllis. Laburnum, some berries and toadstools can also cause problems occasionally. Although there are many poisonous plants, it is unusual for them to cause harm to cats. Most at risk is the bored kitten that is left alone and starts to chew houseplants or picks up plant trimmings unnoticed whilst out in the garden.


With over 10 years in business, Swines Meadow Farm Nursery has grown into one of the UK's most specialised growers of Exotic and Rare Plants. Colin and Karan also go out and do talks and demonstrations to gardening groups, societies and organisations so if you are thinking of arranging an entertaing evening or afternoon for your local club or group don't hesitate to send us an email or ring us for details.


Photos and descriptions of Deer-resistant bulbs from A.D.R. Bulbs

"Lily. To the ancient Egyptians, the trumpet-shaped lily was a symbol of Upper Egypt, the southern part of the country. In the ancient Near East, the lily was associated with Ishtar, also known as Astarte, who was a goddess of creation and fertility as well as a virgin. The Greeks and Romans linked the lily with the queen of the gods, called Hera by the Greeks and Juno by the Romans. The lily was also one of the symbols of the Roman goddess Venus.

In later times, Christians adopted the lily as the symbol of Mary who became the mother of Jesus while still a virgin. Painters often portrayed the angel Gabriel handing Mary a lily, which became a Christian symbol of purity. Besides being linked to Mary, the lily was also associated with virgin saints and other figures of exceptional chastity.

chastity - purity or virginity" from Myths Encyclopedia.


Note - the Bulb Gallery names of Spring Bulb,
Late Summer Bulb, Autumn Bulb and Winter Bulb refer to when the bulbs are delivered to you, not when they flower.


Lib.fo.am is:-

",. . . the libarynth is a parafictional, semifunctional (deeply intertwingled) collection of documents, notes and randomness in the smouldering rubble of babel. it has been mostly reconstructed from material with escaped the libarynth greyhole event, however there are some old pages that may reappear in the near future, stochastically. current pages can be edited as you like, you can also create new pages… .

{{insert appropriate excuses about colour schema, layout and design. mutterings about form over content}}1) → there are still a few things to do"

and could provide hours of interest in its contents


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Unusual Colours

Other Colour

(o)I Asiatic Hybrids
(o)II Martagon Hybrids
III Candidum Hybrids
IV American Hybrids
(o)V Longiflorum Hybrids
(o)VI Trumpet Hybrids
(o)VII Oriental Hybrids
(o)VIII Miscellaneous Hybrids
(o)IX Species




Lilium INDEX link to Bulb Description Page

Flower Colour

Flowering Months

Above all, it must be remembered that lilies do not like wet feet; they must have good drainage. The lily bulb is never completely dormant. Lilies like to have their feet in the shade and their heads in the sun. This shade can be provided by shrubs or perennials.

I Asiatic Hybrid Lilies

Lilium 'Apollo'
Lilium 'Cancun'
Lilium 'Citronella'
Lilium 'Claire'
Lilium Cote 'd'Azur'
Lilium 'Fata Morgana'
Lilium 'Gironde'
Lilium 'Gran Paradiso'
Lilium 'Kingdom'
Lilium 'King Pete'
Lilium 'Lennox'
Lilium 'Lollpop'
Lilium 'Montreux'
Lilium 'Orange County'
Lilium 'Prunotto'
Lilium 'Rosella's Dream'

Yellow, red-speckled
Golden-Yellow edged in Orange-Red
Black or Red-spotted, bright Yellow
Yellow, Maroon spots
Lemon-Yellow with Brown freckles
Pink with Creamy-White speckled throat
Dusky Pink
Cream with Pink tips

June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July, August
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July, August
June, July, August

I Dwarf Asiatic Hybrid Lilies

Lilium 'Buff Pixie'
Lilium 'Butter Pixie'
Lilium 'Ceb Crimson'
Lilium 'Inuvik'
Lilium 'Pink Pixie'
Lilium 'Tailor Made'

Buff Orange
Buff with Pink tips

June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July
June, July

II Martagon Hybrid Lilies

Lilium x marhan 'Mrs R.O. Backhouse'

Golden-Orange speckled with Purple dots

May, June

V Longiflorum Hybrid Lilies

Lilium formosanum var. pricei 'Snow Queen'


July, August

VI Trumpet Hybrid Lilies

Lilium 'African Queen'
Lilium 'Golden
Lilium 'Pink Perfection'
Lilium 'Regale'

Gold with Maroon stripe on reverse
White with Yellow Throat, flushed Purple outside

July, August
July, August
June, July

VII Oriental Hybrid Lilies

Lilium 'Acapulco'
Lilium 'Arena'
Lilium 'Barbaresco'
Lilium 'Bergamo'
Lilium 'Black Beauty'
Lilium 'Casa Blanca'
Lilium 'Cobra'
Lilium 'Con Amore'
Lilium 'Garden Party'
Lilium 'La Reve'
Lilium 'Mona Lisa'
Lilium 'Robert Swanson'
Lilium 'Siberia'
Lilium 'Starfighter'
Lilium 'Star Gazer'
Lilium 'Visa Versa'

Pink with freckles
White with Yellow and Red band
Reddish-Pink with
Pink with Yellow
Red, margins White
Magenta, White
Purplish-Pink, Red
White, Red stripe
Pink with Yellow hearts and Pink speckles
Reddish-Purple with White edge
Red, edged Yellow
Purplish-Red, White tips and edges
Red with dark spots
Deep Pink

July, August
July, August
July, August
July, August
July, August
July, August
July, August
June, July
July, August
July, August, September
July, August
June, July
July, August
July, August

VIII Miscellaneous Lilies

Lilium 'Conca d'Or'
Lilium 'Red Dutch'
Lilium 'Triumphator'

Yellow, pale Yellow
Red-Orange, Yellow
Red, White tips
and edges

July, August
July, August
July, August

IX Species Lilies

Lilium auratum
Lilium cernuum
Lilium duchartrei
Lilium formosanum
Lilium formosanum

Lilium hansonii
Lilium henryi
Lilium leichtilinii
Lilium martagon
Lilium nepalense
Lilium pardalinum
Lilium superbum
Lilium wallichianum

White, Gold bands
Pink, Carmine
White, Purple veins
Yellow-Orange with Chestnut spotting
Orange spotted Black
Yellow, Purple spots
dark spots
Purple throat
Brown spots
Yellow to Orange with Purple dots
White to

August, September
June, July
June, July
August, September,
August, September,
July, August
June, July
June, July
July, August
October, November

Unspecified Lilies

Lilium lancifolium

Lilium speciosum

Orange-Red with
Black spots
Crimson-Red with White edge and spotted

June, July,
August, September
August, September,


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