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Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:
RI, RJ, RK, Rl






























































































































































































































































Further details about the
Camellias and
Rhododendrons in the Rhododendron Gallery are shown in the Botanical Index A Page















































Rg = Plant for Rock Garden from Colour Rock Photos Gallery and Colour Wheel Rock Gallery






Click on number in Wheel below to get to that Flower Colour Comparison Page





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Naturalize -
The practice of growing certain plants under as natural conditions as possible.
For example; daffodils are said to be naturalized when they are planted in grass and left to look after themselves.
The term is also used to describe plants from foreign countries which have established themselves so well in the country into which they have been introduced that they behave like native plants; and are able to maintain themselves without the aid of the gardener.

Climber -
Grow Ramblers (Ra) or
Scramblers (Sc) on supports on House-Walls and elsewhere.
Grow Self-Clingers - like
Aerial Roots (Ar),
Sucker Pads (Sp),
Twining (Tw),
Twining Leaf-Stem (Twl) or
Twining Tendrils (TwT) - on garden walls, chainlink fences, trellis, pergolas or fedges, but not for House-Walls.

Clematis Cultivation Groups -
1 = Group 1,
2 = Group 2
3 = Group 3
4 = Herbaceous Climber

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Topic -
Case Studies
...Drive Foundations
Ryegrass and turf kills plants within Roadstone and in Topsoil due to it starving and dehydrating them.
CEDAdrive creates stable drive surface and drains rain into your ground, rather than onto the public road.
8 problems caused by building house on clay or with house-wall attached to clay.
Pre-building work on polluted soil.

Companion Planting
...A, B, C, D, E,
...F, G, H, I, J, K,
...L, M, N, O, P, Q,
...R, S, T, U, V, W,
...X, Y, Z
...Pest Control
...using Plants
to provide a Companion Plant to aid your selected plant or deter its pests


with ground drains
Garden Design
...How to Use the Colour Wheel Concepts for Selection of Flowers, Foliage and Flower Shape
...RHS Mixed

......Bedding Plants
......Her Perennials
......Other Plants
......Camera photos of Plant supports

Glossary with a tomato teaching cauliflowers
Library of over 1000 books
Offbeat Glossary with DuLally Bird in its flower clock.

...in Chalk
(Alkaline) Soil
......A-F1, A-F2,
......A-F3, G-L, M-R,
......M-R Roses, S-Z
...in Heavy
Clay Soil
......A-F, G-L, M-R,
...in Lime-Free
(Acid) Soil
......A-F, G-L, M-R,
...in Light
Sand Soil
......A-F, G-L, M-R,
...Poisonous Plants.
...Extra Plant Pages
with its 6 Plant Selection Levels

Interaction between 2 Quartz Sand Grains to make soil
How roots of plants are in control in the soil
Without replacing Soil Nutrients, the soil will break up to only clay, sand or silt
Subsidence caused by water in Clay
Use water ring for trees/shrubs for first 2 years.

Tool Shed with 3 kneeling pads
Useful Data with benefits of Seaweed


Topic -
Plant Photo Galleries with Plant Botanical Index

...A, B, C, D, E,
...F, G, H, I, J, K,
...L, M, N, O, P, Q,
...R, S, T, U, V, W,
...X, Y, Z

If the plant type below has flowers, then the first gallery will include the flower thumbnail in each month of 1 of 6 or 7 flower colour comparison pages of each plant in its subsidiary galleries, as a low-level Plant Selection Process
...by Flower Shape

Bulb with its 7 Flower Colours per Month Comparison Pages
...Allium/ Anemone
...Colchicum/ Crocus
...Gladiolus with its 40 Flower Colours
......European A-E
......European F-M
......European N-Z
......Eur Non-classified
......American A
......American B
......American C
......American D
......American E
......American F
......American G
......American H
......American I
......American J
......American K
......American L
......American M
......American N
......American O
......American P
......American Q
......American R
......American S
......American T
......American U
......American V
......American W
......American XYZ
......Ame Non-classified
......Australia - empty
...Hippeastrum/ Lily
...Late Summer
...Each of the above ...Bulb Galleries has its own set of Flower Colour Pages
...Flower Shape
...Bulb Form

...Bulb Use

...Bulb in Soil

Further details on bulbs from the Infill Galleries:-
Hardy Bulbs



...Forcing Lily of the Valley



...Hyacinths in Pots


...Lilium in Pots
...Narcissi in Pots



Half-Hardy Bulbs



Uses of Bulbs:-
...for Bedding
...in Windowboxes
...in Border
...naturalized in Grass
...in Bulb Frame
...in Woodland Garden
...in Rock Garden
...in Bowls
...in Alpine House
...Bulbs in Greenhouse or Stove:-




...Plant Bedding in

...Bulb houseplants flowering inside House during:-
...Bulbs and other types of plant flowering during:-
...Selection of the smaller and choicer plants for the Smallest of Gardens with plant flowering during the same 6 periods as in the previous selection

Climber in
3 Sector Vertical Plant System
Deciduous Shrub
...Shrubs - Decid
Deciduous Tree
...Trees - Decid
Evergreen Perennial
...P-Evergreen A-L
...P-Evergreen M-Z
...Flower Shape
Evergreen Shrub
...Shrubs - Evgr
...Heather Shrub
Evergreen Tree
...Trees - Evgr

...P -Herbaceous
...Flower Shape
...RHS Wisley
......Mixed Border
......Other Borders
Odds and Sods

...RHS Wisley A-F
...RHS Wisley G-R
...RHS Wisley S-Z
...Rose Use - page links in row 6. Rose, RHS Wisley and Other Roses rose indices on each Rose Use page
...Other Roses A-F
...Other Roses G-R
...Other Roses S-Z
Pruning Methods
Photo Index
R 1, 2, 3
Peter Beales Roses
RV Roger

Soft Fruit
Top Fruit

Wild Flower and
Butterfly page links are in next row

Topic -
Butterflies in the UK mostly use native UK wildflowers.

Butterfly Species.

Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly Usage
of Plants.

Plant Usage by
Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly.

Wild Flower
with its
flower colour page,
Site Map page in its flower colour NOTE Gallery
...Blue Note
...Brown Botanical Names
...Cream Common Names
...Green Note
...Mauve Note
...Multi-Cols Note
...Orange Note
...Pink A-G Note
...Pink H-Z Note
...Purple Note
...Red Note
...White A-D Note
...White E-P Note
...White Q-Z Note
...Yellow A-G Note
...Yellow H-Z Note
...Shrub/Tree Note

Wildflower Plants.

You know its name, use
Wild Flower Plant Index a-h, i-p, q-z.
You know which habitat it lives in, use
Acid Soil,
(Chalk) Soil
Marine Soil,
Neutral Soil,
is a
is a
is a
Rush, or
is a
You have seen its flower, use Comparison Pages containing Wild Flower Plants and Cultivated Plants in the
Colour Wheel Gallery.

Each plant named in each of the 180 Wildflower Family Pages within their 23 Galleries may have a link to:-
1) its Plant Description Page in its Common Name column in one of those Wildflower Plant Galleries and will have links,
2) to external sites to purchase the plant or seed in its Botanical Name column,
3) to see photos in its Flowering Months column and
4) to read habitat details in its Habitat Column.

(o)Adder's Tongue
(o)Bog Myrtle
(o)Cornel (Dogwood)
(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 1
(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 2
(o)Daisy Cudweeds
(o)Daisy Chamomiles
(o)Daisy Thistle
(o)Daisy Catsears (o)Daisy Hawkweeds
(o)Daisy Hawksbeards
(o)Dock Bistorts
(o)Dock Sorrels
(o)Filmy Fern
(o)Royal Fern
(o)Figwort - Mulleins
(o)Figwort - Speedwells
(o)Grass 1
(o)Grass 2
(o)Grass 3
(o)Grass Soft
Bromes 1

(o)Grass Soft
Bromes 2

(o)Grass Soft
Bromes 3

(o)Jacobs Ladder
(o)Lily Garlic
(o)Marsh Pennywort
(o)Melon (Gourd/Cucumber)
(o)Orchid 1
(o)Orchid 2
(o)Orchid 3
(o)Orchid 4
Clover 1

Clover 2

Clover 3

(o)Peaflower Vetches/Peas
(o)Pink 1
(o)Pink 2
Rannock Rush
(o)Rose 1
(o)Rose 2
(o)Rose 3
(o)Rose 4
(o)Rush Woodrushes
(o)Saint Johns Wort
Saltmarsh Grasses
(o)Sea Lavender
(o)Sedge Rush-like
(o)Sedges Carex 1
(o)Sedges Carex 2
(o)Sedges Carex 3
(o)Sedges Carex 4
Tassel Pondweed
(o)Thyme 1
(o)Thyme 2
(o)Umbellifer 1
(o)Umbellifer 2
(o)Water Fern
(o)Water Milfoil
(o)Water Plantain
(o)Water Starwort

Topic -
The following is a complete hierarchical Plant Selection Process

dependent on the Garden Style chosen
Garden Style
...Infill Plants
...12 Bloom Colours per Month Index
...12 Foliage Colours per Month Index
...All Plants Index
...Cultivation, Position, Use Index
...Shape, Form

Topic -
Plant Selection Process comparing relevant plants of all types within each of the number of colours for each Flower or Foliage Colour Gallery.

All Flowers 53 with
...Use of Plant and
Flower Shape
- page links in next row

All Foliage 53
instead of redundant
...(All Foliage 212)

All Flowers
per Month 12

Bee instead of wind pollinated plants for hay-fever sufferers
All Bee-Pollinated Flowers
per Month

Rock Garden and Alpine Flowers
Rock Plant Flowers 53

...Rock Plant Photos

Flower Colour Wheel without photos, but with links to photos
12 Bloom Colours
per Month Index

...All Plants Index

Topic -
Use of Plant in your Plant Selection Process

Plant Colour Wheel Uses
1. Perfect general use soil is composed of 8.3% lime, 16.6% humus, 25% clay and 50% sand, and
2. Why you are continually losing the SOIL STRUCTURE so your soil - will revert to clay, chalk, sand or silt.
Uses of Plant and Flower Shape:-
...Foliage Only
...Other than Green Foliage
...Trees in Lawn
...Trees in Small Gardens
...Wildflower Garden
...Attract Bird
...Attract Butterfly
, 2
...Climber on House Wall
...Climber not on House Wall
...Climber in Tree
...Pollution Barrier
...Part Shade
...Full Shade
...Single Flower provides Pollen for Bees
, 2, 3
...Covering Banks
...Patio Pot
...Edging Borders
...Back of Border
...Adjacent to Water
...Bog Garden
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Not Fragrant
...Standard Plant is 'Ball on Stick'
...Upright Branches or Sword-shaped leaves
...Plant to Prevent Entry to Human or Animal
...Coastal Conditions
...Tolerant on North-facing Wall
...Cut Flower
...Potted Veg Outdoors
...Potted Veg Indoors
...Raised Bed Outdoors Veg
...Grow in Alkaline Soil A-F, G-L, M-R,
...Grow in Acidic Soil
...Grow in Any Soil
...Grow in Rock Garden
...Grow Bulbs Indoors

Uses of Bedding
...Bedding Out
...Filling In
...Pots and Troughs
...Window Boxes
...Hanging Baskets
...Spring Bedding
...Summer Bedding
...Winter Bedding
...Foliage instead of Flower
...Coleus Bedding Photos for use in Public Domain 1

Uses of Bulb
...Other than Only Green Foliage
...Bedding or Mass Planting
...Tolerant of Shade
...In Woodland Areas
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Covering Banks
...In Water
...Beside Stream or Water Garden
...Coastal Conditions
...Edging Borders
...Back of Border or Back-ground Plant
...Fragrant Flowers
...Not Fragrant Flowers

...Grow in a Patio Pot
...Grow in an Alpine Trough
...Grow in an Alpine House
...Grow in Rock Garden
...Speciman Plant
...Into Native Plant Garden
...Naturalize in Grass
...Grow in Hanging Basket
...Grow in Window-box
...Grow in Green-house
...Grow in Scree
...Naturalized Plant Area
...Grow in Cottage Garden
...Attracts Butterflies
...Attracts Bees
...Resistant to Wildlife
...Bulb in Soil:-
......Lime-Free (Acid)

Uses of Rose
...Climber /Pillar
...Exhibition, Speciman
...Grow In A Container
...Climber in Tree
...Edging Borders
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Tolerant of Shade
...Back of Border
...Adjacent to Water

Topic -
Camera Photo Galleries showing all 4000 x 3000 pixels of each photo on your screen that you can then click and drag it to your desktop as part of a Plant Selection Process:-

RHS Garden at Wisley

Plant Supports -
When supporting plants in a bed, it is found that not only do those plants grow upwards, but also they expand their roots and footpad sideways each year. Pages
, 2, 3, 8, 11,
12, 13,
Plants 4, 7, 10,
Bedding Plants 5,
Plant Supports for Unknown Plants 5
Clematis Climbers 6,
the RHS does not appear to either follow it's own pruning advice or advice from The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers by George E. Brown.
ISBN 0-571-11084-3 with the plants in Pages 1-7 of this folder. You can see from looking at both these resources as to whether the pruning carried out on the remainder of the plants in Pages 7-15 was correct.

Narcissus (Daffodil) 9,
Phlox Plant Supports 14, 15

Coleus Bedding Foliage Trial - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
31, 32, Index

National Trust Garden at Sissinghurst Castle
Plant Supports -
Pages for Gallery 1

with Plant Supports
1, 5, 10
2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9,
11, 12
Recommended Rose Pruning Methods 13
Pages for Gallery 2
with Plant Supports
Plants 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Dry Garden of
RHS Garden at
Hyde Hall

Plants - Pages
without Plant Supports
Plants 1
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Nursery of
Peter Beales Roses
Display Garden

Roses Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13

Nursery of
RV Roger

Roses - Pages
V76,Z77, 78,

Damage by Plants in Chilham Village - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4

Pavements of Funchal, Madeira
Damage to Trees - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13
for trees 1-54,
14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
for trees 55-95,
26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
31, 32, 33, 34, 35,
36, 37,
for trees 95-133,
38, 39, 40,
41, 42, 43, 44, 45,
for trees 133-166

Chris Garnons-Williams
Work Done - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13

Identity of Plants
Label Problems - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

Ron and Christine Foord - 1036 photos only inserted so far - Garden Flowers - Start Page of each Gallery
AB1 ,AN14,BA27,

Plant with Photo Index of Ivydene Gardens - 1187
A 1, 2, Photos - 43
B 1, Photos - 13
C 1, Photos - 35
D 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Photos - 411
with Plants causing damage to buildings in Chilham Village and Damage to Trees in Pavements of Funchal
E 1, Photos - 21
F 1, Photos - 1
G 1, Photos - 5
H 1, Photos - 21
I 1, Photos - 8
J 1, Photos - 1
K 1, Photos - 1
L 1, Photos - 85
with Label Problems
M 1, Photos - 9
N 1, Photos - 12
O 1, Photos - 5
P 1, Photos - 54
Q 1, Photos -
R 1, 2, 3,
Photos - 229
S 1, Photos - 111
T 1, Photos - 13
U 1, Photos - 5
V 1, Photos - 4
W 1, Photos - 100
with Work Done by Chris Garnons-Williams
X 1 Photos -
Y 1, Photos -
Z 1 Photos -
Articles/Items in Ivydene Gardens - 88
Flower Colour, Num of Petals, Shape and
Plant Use of:-
Rock Garden
within linked page


Topic -
Fragrant Plants as a Plant Selection Process for your sense of smell:-

Sense of Fragrance from Roy Genders

Fragrant Plants:-
Trees and Shrubs with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for an Acid Soil
, 2, 3, 4
Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for a
Chalky or Limestone Soil
, 2, 3, 4
Shrubs bearing Scented leaves for a
Sandy Soil
, 2, 3
Herbaceous Plants with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3
Annual and Biennial Plants with Scented Flowers or Leaves
, 2
Bulbs and Corms with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3, 4, 5
Scented Plants of Climbing and Trailing Habit
, 2, 3
Winter-flowering Plants with Scented Flowers
, 2
Night-scented Flowering Plants
, 2

Topic -
Website User Guidelines

My Gas Service Engineer found Flow and Return pipes incorrectly positioned on gas boilers and customers had refused to have positioning corrected in 2020.



Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:
































































































































































































Rose INDEX Page includes bloom colour thumbnail, rose use, height and width with link to its Rose Description Page of 706 roses


There are 3 groups of roses, whose Rose Use Flower Images are compared in Rose Use Gallery and whose Flower Colour and Rose Type Shape are compared in the Rose gallery.

Rose Group 1

343 Roses from
Rose Plant Gallery in this cell.
Roses in this Gallery
Link Index contain the following:-
Rose Name Link followed by Rose Colour Link on next line:-
2 Colours 1
2 Colours 2
followed by Rose Use:-
Bed for Bedding
Cli for Climber/Pillar
Cut for Cut-Flower
Edg for Edging Borders
Exh for Exhibition , Speciman
Gro for Ground-Cover
Pot for Grow in Container
Hed for Hedge
PSoil for Tolerant of Poor Soil
Sha for Tolerant of Shade
Tre for Climber in Tree
Woo for Woodland
FRAGRANT ROSES - The roses inserted into this page are described as Moderately Fragrant or Very Fragrant in the relevant Rose Plant Description Page.
NOT FRAGRANT ROSES - The roses inserted into this page are described as Slightly Fragrant or nothing mentioned about fragrance in the relevant Rose Plant Description Page.

Bulbs can underplant roses.

Acapulco 2 Colours 1 Bed
Adelaide d' Orleans Pink
Cli Hed Tre
Admiral Rodney Pink Exh Woo
Affirm Pink Bed Exh
Alba Maxima White Hed Woo
Alberic Barbier White Cli Pot Tre
Albertine Pink Cli Tre
Alchymist Yellow Cli
Alecs Red Red Bed
Alexander Red Hed Cut
Alistair Stella Gray
Aloha Pink Cli Cut
Amber Queen Yellow
Bed Cut Pot
Amber Star 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Amber Sunset 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh Pot
American Pillar Pink Cli
Gro Tre
Anabell Orange Bed
Andeli Pink Hed Cut Pot Exh Fra
Annabelle Orange-Red Bed Fra
Apple Rose Pink Woo Exh Psoil
Hip Nor Wat Fra
Apricot Silk 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut
Apricot Sweet Dream
Peachy-Apricot Bed Hed Pot Sha
Fra Cut Edg
Arizona Sunset 2 Colours 2
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Armosa Pink Bed Psoil Pot Edg
Arthur Bell Yellow Bed
Cut Pot Hed
Arthur Bell Climbing
Yellow Cli Hed Tre
Arthur Merrill Red Bed
Austrian Copper Orange Bed Cli
Pot Psoil Sha Fra
Autumn 2 Colours 1 Bed

Baby Bio Yellow Bed Pot Hed
Baby Boomer Pink Bed
Baby Carnaval Yellow/ Pink/ Red
Bed Cut Pot Psoil
Baby Katie 2 Colours 2
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Baby Masquerade 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Pot
Ballerina 2 Colours 1 Bed
Baron Girod de L'Ain Red Hed
Barry Stephens 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh
BATamy Yellow/ Pink Bed Cut
Pot Exh Edg
BATmercury Pink/ Yellow/ Apricot
Bed Cut Fra
Behold Yellow Bed Cut
Exh Pot
Benardella's Pearl Pink Bed Cut
Pot Exh Edg Fra
BENday Red Cut Exh Edg Fra
BENfebu Red Bed Cut Exh Edg Pot
BENfig White/ Pink Bed Cut Pot
Exh Edg
BENhile Red blend Cut Exh Edg
Fra Pot
BENmagic Red/ White Bed Cut
Exh Edg Pot Tless
BENmfig Pink bed Cut Pot Exh
Edg Fra
BENpete Red blend Bed Cut Pot
Exh Edg
Berkshire Red Gro Pot
Berolina Yellow Cut Exh Fra
Betty's Smile Pink Bed
Big Chief Red Cut Exh
Birthday Girl Other
Bed Pot Hed
Black Jack 2 Colours 1 Cli
Cut Exh
Blanc Double de Coubert
White Pot Hed
Blessings Pink Bed Cut
Blossomtime and
Blossom Time 2 Colours 1 Cli
Blue Monday and
Blue Moon Other Bed Cut Exh
Pot Fra
Blush Noisette Pink Cli
Bob Woolley
2 Colours 1 Cut Exh
Bobby Charlton
Pink Cut Exh Pot
Bonica Pink Gro Pot Hed
Bonn Red Hed
Bonny Prince Charlies Rose White
Hed Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
Breath of Life Orange Cli Cut
BRIincog Other Cut Exh Edg
BRIman Other Bed Cut Pot
Exh Edg
BRIstar Yellow blend Bed Cut Pot
Exh Edg
Buff Beauty Yellow Pot Hed
Burnet Rose White Gro Hed Pot
Woo Psoil Hip Sha Fra

Cabbage Rose Pink Woo
Caledonian 2 Colours 1 Bed
Camaieux 2 Colours 1 Cut
Pot Hed
Cantabrigiensis White Woo
Castle of Mey Orange Bed
Catherine Cookson
2 Colours 1 Bed Cut Exh
Cecile Brunner White
White Bed Pot
Chanelle White Bed Hed
Chapeau de Napoleon Pink Pot
Woo Psoil Fra
Charismatic Red and White Exh
Cut Edg
Charlotte Yellow Bed
Chelsea Belle
2 Colours 2 Cut Exh
Cheshire Rose White Hed Woo
Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
Chicago Peace
Yellow Bed Cut Hed
Childs Play 2 Colours 2
Bed Cut Exh
Chinatown Yellow Bed Hed
Chloe Star Yellow Edg Cut Pot Exh
City of Leeds Pink Bed Hed
Clifton Moss White Hed Pot Psoil
Sha Fra
COCbaden Orange Bed Cut Exh
Coeur d'Amour Red Cut Exh
Psoil Fra
Columbian Climber Pink Cli
Cut Pot
Compassion 2 Colours 1
Cli Cut
Complicata Pink Cli Exh Hed
Copper Delight 2 Colours 1
Cornelia Pink Pot Hed
Crimson Glory Red Bed
Crimson Glory Climber
Red Cli Cut
Crimson Rambler Red Tre
Cuisse de Nymphe Pink Cli Hed
Cut Pot Woo Psoil Nor Sha Tless

Daily Sketch 2 Colours 1
Bed Hed
Dancing Flame 2 Colours 2
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Danse de Feu Red Cli
Darius Other Hed Pot
Darling Jenny 2 Colours 1
Cut Exh
Dawn Chorus Orange Bed
Daybreak Yellow Pot Hed
Dearest Pink Bed Hed
Debbie Thomas Pink Cut Exh
Deep Secret Red Bed Cut
Deidre Hall Other Bed Cut
Dianthiflora White Hed Pot Woo
Psoil Hip Sha Fra
DICjem Yellow Bed Hed Pot Fra
DieKOR Other Bed Cut
Die Welt 2 Colours 1 Bed Cut
Doctor Dick and
Dr Dick 2 Colours 2 Bed
Cut Exh
Dog Rose Pink Hed Tre
Don Charlton Pink Bed
Cut Exh
Doreen 2 Colours 2 Bed
Doris Morgan Red Bed Pot
Doris Tysterman Orange
Bed Cut Pot Hed
Dorothy Perkins Pink Gro
Double Delight 2 Colours 2
Cut Pot
Double French Rose Red Hed Cut
Pot Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Double Gold Yellow Cut
Exh Pot
Dr John Dickman Other Bed
Cut Exh Pot
Dublin Bay Red Cli Hed
Duftzauber Red Bed Hed Cut
Pot Fra
Dutch Gold Yellow Bed Cut

Eglantine Rose Pink Hed Pot
Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
Elizabeth of Glamis
Orange Bed Cut Hed
Emily Gray Yellow Tre
Ena Harkness Red Bed
Ena Harkness Climbing
Red Cli Cut
Engineers Rose Red Tre Cut
English Miss Pink Bed Pot Hed
Escapade Other Bed Cut
Exh Pot Hed
Etoile de Hollande Climbing
Red Cli
Evelyn Fison Red Bed Pot Hed
Excelsa Red Gro Tre

Fairhope Yellow Bed Cut Exh
Fancy Pants 2 Colours 2 Bed
Cut Exh Pot
Fantin Latour Pink Hed Woo
Fee des Neiges White Bed Hed
Cut Pot Psoil
Felicia Pink Exh Pot Hed
Fifi 2 Colours 1 Bed
Cut Pot
Figurine 2 Colours 2 Bed
Cut Exh Pot
Fimbriata White Hed Woo
FOUmich Other Cut Exh Psoil Edg
Fragrant Cloud Red Bed Pot
Fragrant Delight Pink Bed
Pot Hed
Francois Juranville Pink
Gro Tre
Frau Astrid Spath Pink
Bed Pot
Freddie Mercury 2 Colours 2
Freddy Mercury
Fred Loads Pink Exh Hed
Freedom Yellow Bed Pot
Frau Dagmar Hartopp and
Fru Dagmar Hartopp Pink
Gro Pot Woo and
Fru Dagmar Hastrup
Fruhlingsduft 2 Colours 1
Hed Woo
Fruhlingsgold Yellow Hed Woo
Fruhlingsmorgen 2 Colours 1
Hed Woo
FRYhunky Pink Bed Hed Exh Pot
FRYminicot Other Bed Hed Pot
Sha Fra Cut Edg

Gay Gordons 2 Colours 1
Gentle Touch Pink Pot Hed
Gertrude Jekyll Pink Hed
Giggles Pink Cut Exh Pot
Gioia Yellow Hed Cut Pot Exh Psoil
Gipsy Boy Red Cli
Glad Tidings Red Bed Cut
Pot Hed
Glenfiddich Yellow Bed Pot
Gloire de Dijon 2 Colours 1 Pot
Gloria Dei Yellow Hed Cut Pot
Exh Psoil
Glowing Amber 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Golden Chersonese Yellow Bed
Golden Rambler Yellow Cli Tre
Golden Showers Yellow Cli
Golden Wedding Yellow Bed
Goldilocks Yellow Bed
Grace Abounding 2 Colours 1
Bed Pot Hed
Grace de Monaco Pink Bed Pot
Grace Donnelly 2 Colours 2 Bed
Graham Thomas Yellow Pot Hed
Great Double White White Hed
Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
Gwent Yellow Gro Pot

Halle Orange Bed Hed
Handel 2 Colours 1 Cli
Hannah Pink Bed Fra
Hannah Hauxwell Pink Pot
Hanne Red Bed
Harry Other Bed Pot
Harry Wheatcroft 2 Colours 2
Heaven Scent Red Bed Cut
Pot Hed
Helens Trust Red Bed Exh
Henri Martin Red Hed
Hermosa Pink Bed Psoil Pot Edg
Hilde Red Cut Exh
Honorine de Brabant
2 Colours 1 Cli
HORjemma Yellow Pot Fra
HORlexstrip Other Bed
HORluisbond Pink Cut Exh Edg
Fra Pot
HORminstrel Pink Bed Cut Exh Fra
Hot Chocolate Other Bed Pot
Hot Tamale 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh Pot

Iceberg (Climber) White Cli Tre
Psoil Nor Sha Tless
Iceberg (Shrub) White Bed
Cut Pot Hed
Incarnata Pink Cli Hed Cut Pot
Woo Psoil Nor Sha Tless Fra
Incognito 2 Colours 1 Cut Exh
Ingrid Bergman Red Bed
Cut Pot
Irenes Delight Pink Bed Cut
Irish Beauty Red Bed Hed Cut
Pot Fra
Irish Wonder Red Bed Hed Pot Psoil
Irresistible White Cut Exh

Jacobite Rose White Hed Woo
Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
JACnor Pink Bed Exh Cut Pot
JACorca Other Cut Exh Edg
JACpoy Other Bed Cut Pot Exh Edg
James Mason Red Pot Hed
Jan Guest 2 Colours 2 Bed
Jean Kenneally Other
Cut Exh
Jean Mermoz Pink Bed
Gro Pot
Jemma Giblin Yellow Pot
Jilly Jewel Pink Bed Cut
Exh Pot
Jiminy Cricket Red Bed
Pot Hed
Josephine Bruce Red Bed Pot
Just Jenny Other Pot
Just Joey Orange Bed Pot

Katharine Zeimet White
Gro Hed Psoil Fra Pot Edg and
Katherina Zeimet and
Katherine Zeimet
Kathleen Pink Exh
Kathleen Harrop Pink Bed Cli
Kazanlik Pink Woo
Kiftsgate White Cli Gro Tre
Kim 2 Colours 1 Bed Pot Hed
KINfancy Other Bed Cut Pot Exh
Kitty Hawk Pink Cut Exh
Konigliche Hoheit Pink Bed Cut
Pot Exh Fra
KORbell Other Bed Fra
Korona Red Bed Pot Hed
KORpriwa Yellow Cut Exh Fra
Sunsprite (KORresia) Yellow
Bed Pot Hed
Kristin 2 Colours 1 Bed
Cut Exh

Lady Sylvia 2 Colours 2
Bed Cut Cut Pot
Lady Sylvia Climbing Pink
Cli Hed Tre
Lady Penzance Pink Woo
Landora Yellow Bed Cut Pot
La Seduisante Pink Cli Hed Cut
Pot Woo Psoil Nor Sha Tless Fra
Laura Ford Yellow Cli Pot
La Virginale Pink Cli Hed Cut Pot
Woo Psoil Nor Sha Tless Fra
L.D. Braithwaite Red Cut
Gro Pot
Leicester Abbey Red Bed
Liberty Bell 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Lili Marlene Red Bed
Lincolnshire Poacher
2 Colours 1 Bed
Linville 2 Colours 2 Cut Exh
Little Amy 2 Colours 2
Bed Cut Exh Pot
Little Dorrit Pink Bed Pot
Little Jackie 2 Colours 2
Cut Exh
Little Muff Pink Cut Exh
Living Fire 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Hed
Lord Penzance 2 Colours 1
Hed Woo
Luis Desamero Yellow
Cut Exh
LYOgi Pink Cut Pot Exh Edg

MACros Red Cut Exh Edg
Madamme Alfred Carriere
2 Colours 1 Cli Cut Tre
Madamme A Meilland Yellow Hed
Cut Pot Exh Psoil
Madamme Caroline Testout
Pink Cli
Madamme Gregoire Staechelin
Pink Cli
Madamme Isaac Periere
Pink Cli
Mme Neumann Pink Bed Psoil
Pot Edg
Maidens Blush Great
Pink Cli Cut Hed Woo
Maidens Blush Small
Pink Cut Pot Hed Woo
Maigold Yellow Cli Tre
Mainzer Fastnacht Other Bed
Cut Pot Exh Fra
Maltese Rose Pink Bed Pot Edg
Tless Fra
MANglow Other Bed Cut Pot
Exh Edg
Margaret Hall Pink Bed
Cut Exh
Margaret Merril
White Bed Cut Pot Hed
Margo Koster
Orange Bed Gro Pot Hed
Marguerite Hilling Pink Cli
Hed Woo
Marlena Red Bed Gro
Pot Hed Hed
Masquerade 2 Colours 1
Bed Pot Hed
Masquerade Climbing
2 Colours 1 Cli
Matangi 2 Colours 1 Bed Hed
Max Graf Pink Gro
McGredy's Sunset
2 Colours 1 Bed
McGredys Yellow
Yellow Bed Cut
Melanie Lemaire Pink Bed Psoil
Pot Edg
Merlot 2 Colours 1 Bed Cut
Mermaid Yellow Cli
MICaroline Other Cut Exh Edg Pot
Michel Cholet Other Cut Exh
Michelle Chole
Michele Meilland
2 Colours 1 Bed Cut Pot
MICpie Pink Cut Exh Edg
Mignon Pink Bed Pot Edg Tless Fra
Mike Thompson Red Cut Exh
Minnie Pearl Pink Cut
Exh Pot
Miss Flippins 2 Colours 1
Cut Exh
Moonlight White Hed
Morning Jewel Pink Cli
Mother's Love Pink Cut Exh
Mrs Herbert Stevens Climbing
White Cli Cut
Mrs Sam McGredy Climbing
Red Cli Cut
Muff's Pet Pink Cut Exh
Myra 2 Colours 1 Bed

Nevada White Cli Hed Woo
New Dawn Pink Cli
Nozomi Pink Gro Pot

Old Glory Red Cut Exh
Orangeade Orange Bed Hed
Orange Sensation Orange
Bed Hed

Paddy McGredy Red Bed
Pot Hed
Party Girl 2 Colours 2
Cut Exh
Pascali White Bed Cut Pot
Paul Crampel Orange Gro
Pot Hed and
Paul Grampel

Pauls Himalayan Musk
Other Cli
Pauls Lemon Pillar
2 Colours 1 Cli Cut
Pauls Scarlet Red Cli Tre
Pax White Hed
Peace 2 Colours 1 Cut
Exh Hed
Pearl Pink Bed Cut Pot Exh Edg
Pearl Drift White Gro Pot
Peer Gynt 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Exh Pot Hed
Penelope Pink Pot Hed
Peppermint Ice White Bed
Perle d'Or 2 Colours 1 Exh
Phoebe's Frilled Pink
Picasso 2 Colours 1
Pierrine Pink Cut Exh
Pink Grootendorst Pink
Pot Hed Woo
Pink Parfait Pink Bed Cut
Pot Hed
Pink Perpetue Pink Cli
Pirouette Other Bed Cut Exh
Edg Tless Pot
Portland Trailblazer Red Cut Exh Fra
Premiere Ballerine Pink Bed Cut
Pot Fra
Prestige Red Exh Hed
Prima Ballerina Pink Bed Cut
Prosperity White Hed
Provence Rose Pink Woo Psoil Fra

Queen Elizabeth Pink Hed Cut
Pot Psoil Tless Fra

Rachel Kathleen Red Bed Hed
Rambling Rector White Hed
Tre Woo
Red Coat Red Cli Hed Woo
Red Devil Red Cut Exh
Red Dorothy Perkins Pink Gro
Tre Tless Fra Pot Cli Arc
Red Moss Red Hed Pot Psoil Fra
Red Rose of Lancaster Red Hed
Cut pot Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Red Splendour Red Bed
Regensberg 2 Colours 1
Bed Pot
Remember Me 2 Colours 1
Rosa arvensis White Gro Tre
Woo Psoil Hip Sha Wat Fra
Rosa banksiae lutea
Yellow Cli
Rosa canina Dog Rose Pink Hed
Tre Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Wat Fra
Rosa x cantabrigiensis Yellow
Bed Woo Spe Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Rosa x centifolia muscosa
Pink Exh
Rosa eglanteria Pink Hed Pot
Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
Rosa foetida bicolor Orange
Bed Cli Pot
Rosa gallica officinalis Red
Cut Pot Hed
Rosa gallica versicolor
2 Colours 1 Cut Pot Hed
Rosa glauca Pink Cut
Hed Woo
Rosa hugonis Yellow Woo
Rosa lutea punicea Other Bed
Cli Pot Psoil Sha Fra
Rosa mulliganii White Cli
Gro Tre
Rosa multi-bracteata
Cerise Bouquet
Red Cli Exh Woo
Rosa moyesii Red Cli Woo
Rosa Mundi Other Hed Cut Pot
Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Rosa nutkana Plena Pink
Pot Woo
Rosa pimpinellifolia White
Pot Hed Woo
Rosa pomifera Pink Woo Exh
Psoil Hip Nor Sha Wat Fra
Rosa pteragonis
Yellow Bed Woo
Spe Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Rosa rubrifolia Pink Hed Cut Pot
Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Tless
Rosa rubiginosa Pink Hed Pot
Woo Psoil Hip Nor Sha Fra
Rosa rugosa Pink Hed Woo
Rosa rugosa alba White
Hed Woo
Rosa rugosa atropurpurea
Other Hed Woo
Rosa rugosa rubra Other Hed
Woo Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Rosa villosa Pink Exh
Rosa x centifolia Pink Woo
Psoil Fra
Rosa x centifolia 'Cristata' Pink Pot
Woo Psoil Fra
Rose Baby Red Cut Exh Edg
Rosemary Rose Red Bed Cut
Pot Hed
Rose of Provins Red Hed Cut Pot
Hip Sha Fra
Roseraie de l'Hay Other
Hed Woo
Rosy Cushion Pink Gro Pot
Royal Gold Yellow Cli Cut
Royal Highness Pink Bed
Cut Exh
Royal Salute Red Cut Exh
Royal William Red Bed Cut
Ruby Baby 2 Colours 2
Cut Exh
Ruby Pendant Other Cut
Exh Hed
Ruby Wedding Red Bed Cut

Sanders White and
Sanders White Rambler

White Gro Tre
Sarah Van Fleet Pink
Pot Hed Woo
SAVachild Other Bed Cut Exh
Fra Pot Edg
SAVadouble Yellow Cut Pot Fra
Exh Spe
SAVahold Yellow Bed Cut Exh
Edg Tless
SAVahowdy Other Cut Pot Exh Edg
SAVamor Other Cut Exh Edg Fra
SAVascent Other Cut Exh Edg Fra
SAVor Other Cut Exh Edg Pot
Scentsational Other Cut Exh
Schneelicht White Hed Woo
Schneewittchen White Bed Hed
Cut Pot Psoil
Schoolgirl Orange Cli
Scotch Briar White Gro Hed Pot
Woo Psoil Hip Sha Fra
Seagull White Tre
SEAsoon Yellow Cut Exh Fra
Selfridges Yellow Cut Exh
Shailer's White Moss
White Cli
Sherired Red Cut Exh
Signature Pink Bed Exh
Silver Anniversary
White Cut Exh
Silver Jubilee
Pink Bed Pot Hed
Silver Wedding
2 Colours 1 Bed Cut Pot
Sir Neville Marriner Pink Bed
Sissi Other Bed Cut Pot Exh Fra
Skyrocket Red Hed Pot Hip Psoil
Sha Fra
Someday Soon Yellow
Cut Exh
2 Colours 2 Bed Pot Hed
Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel
Red Cli
Spanish Beauty Pink Cli Psoil Hip
Nor Sha Fra
Sparkle Berry Red Bed Cut Exh
Edg Pot
Spectacular Red Cli Nor Sha
St Cecilia
Pink Bed Cut Pot Hed
Yellow Bed Cut Exh Pot
Sunblest Yellow Bed Cut Pot
Sunset Boulevard Pink Bed
Sunsprite Yellow Bed Hed Pot Fra
Super Star
Red Bed Cut Pot Hed
Susan Ann Other Bed Hed pot
Psoil Fra
Sweet Briar
Pink Pot Hed Woo Psoil Hip
Nor Sha Fra
Sweet Caroline
2 Colours 1 Cut Exh
Sweet Dream
Other Bed Pot Hed and
Sweet Dreams

TALchelsea Other Cut Exh Edg Pot
TALfairhope Other Bed Cut Exh
Tanbakede Other Bed Cut Pot
Tequila Sunrise
2 Colours 1 Bed Pot Hed
Thats Jazz Red Cli Pot Tre
The Apothecay's Rose Red Hed
Cut Pot Psoil Hip Sha Fra
The Blue Rose Other Tre Psoil Nor
Sha Tless Fra Cli Wal
The Crested Provence Rose
Pink Woo
The Fairy
Pink Bed Gro Pot Hed
The Field Rose
White Gro Hed Woo
The Queen Elizabeth Rose
Pink Cut Pot Hed
The Sweetheart Rose Pink Bed
Pot Edg Tless Fra
The World
Thinking of You Red Bed Cut
This is The Day
Red Bed Cut Exh Pot
Tickled Pink Pink Bed Exh
Tina Turner 2 Colours 1 Bed
Tip Top Pink Bed Pot Hed
Tom Foster Yellow Bed Exh
Tony Jacklin Red Bed Cut
Exh Hed
Topsi Red Bed Pot Hed
Tour de Malakoff Red Cli Exh Psoil
Trigintipetala Pink Hed Woo Psoil
Sha Fra
Tropical Twist
2 Colours 1 Cut Exh
Tropicana Red Bed Hed Cut Pot Fra
Red Bed Pot Hed
Turners Crimson Red Tre Cut
Tuscany Superb
Red Cut Pot Hed
Twice in a Blue Moon
Other Bed Cut Pot
Typhoon 2 Colours 1

Veilchenblau Other Cli Tre
Vera Parker Red Exh
Voice of Thousands
2 Colours 1 Bed

Warm Welcome Red Cli Pot
Wedding Day Climbing White
Cli Tre Woo
Wendy Cussons Red Cut Exh
Whisky Mac Yellow Bed
Cut Pot
White Baby Rambler White Gro
Hed Psoil Fra Cut Pot Edg
White Bath White Pot Hed and
White Moss
Wilhelm Red Hed
Winchester Cathedral White
Bed Pot Hed
Woburn Abbey 2 Colours 1
Bed Cut Pot Hed
World Rose Other Bed Cut

X Rated 2 Colours 1
Cut Exh

Yellow Banksia Yellow Cli Tless
Fra Wal
Yellow Cecile Brunner Yellow Pot
Spe Tless Fra
Yorkshire Lady 2 Colours 1
Cut Exh

Zephirine Drouhin Pink
Cli Tre
Zigeunerknabe Other Cli Tre
Psoil Sha Tless Fra

Rose Group 2

147 Roses from
Other Roses A-F ,
Other Roses G-R ,
Other Roses S-Z Galleries, where they were the extra Roses that I took photos of in the nursery field of R.V. Roger Nurseries in 2014.
Details and photos of the remaining 131 Other Roses are shown in Rose INDEX Page, since they do not have their own Rose Description Pages

Amelia Bed, Bac
Ambiance Bed, Cut, Pot, Exh

Betty's Smile Bed, Pot, Cut

Saddle-worth Male Voice Choir
Bed, Edg
Sally Holmes Bed, Cli, Hed, Cut,
Pot, Exh, Spe, Psoil, Sha,
Edg, Thornless Rose
Sandra Exh, Spe
Sandra Lorraine Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg
Satchmo Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg
Saxilby Belle Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg
Sea of Fire Exh
Sexy Rexy Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot,
Exh, Sha, Edg, Sta, Ban
Sheree Daniels Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg
Shirynne Cowan Bed, Cut, Pot,
Exh, Edg
Show Stopper Cut, Pot, Exh, Spe
Solar Flare Cut, Exh
Soroptimist International Bed,
Cut, Pot, Sha, Edg


Rose Group 3

85 Roses from RHS garden at Wisley during 2013-14 in

Remaining 131 roses are shown in Rose INDEX Page, since they do not have their own Rose Decription Pages

A whiter shade of pale Bed, Cut
Absolutely fabulous Bed, Cut,
Adams Rose Bed, Cut, Pot
Adelaide D'Orleans Cli, Arc
Adriana Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot
Alan Titch-marsh Bed, Cut, Pot
Alberic barbier Cli, Hed, Tre,
Pot, Nor, Sha
Amber Queen Bed, Cut, Hed,
Pot, Sta
Anne Henderson Bed, Cut
Annick Bed
Aphrodite Bed, Cut, Pot
Arthur Bell Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot
Audrey Wilcox Bed, Cut

Baby Love Bed,
Gro, Pot
Belle Epoque Bed, Cut, Pot
Benjamin Britten Bed, Cut,
Bonica Bed, Gro, Hed, Cut,
Pot, Psoil
Bride Bed, Cut, Exh
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Bed,
Gro, Hed, Cut, Pot
Britannia Bed, Pot
Brother Cadfael Bed, Cut,
Hed, Cli
Burgundy Ice Bed, Cut,
Spe, Pot
Buttercup Bed

Cantabrigiensis Bed,
Spe, Psoil, Sha
Cardinal de Richelieu Cli, Hed,
Pot, Psoil
Cardinal Hume Bed, Cut,
Cli, Gro, Sha
Cariad Bed
Rosa glauca 'Carmenetta' Bed,
Hed, Pot, Woo, Spe, Psoil, Sha
Champagne Celebration Bed
Champagne Moment Bed,
Cut, Pot
Champneys Pink Cluster Cli, Tre
Chandos Beauty Bed, Hed,
Cut, Pot
Charles Darwin Bed, Cut,
Pot, Edg
Charles De Mills Bed,
Hed, Spe
Charlotte Bed, Cut, Pot
Cheshire Gro
Chinatown Bed, Bac
City Livery Bed
Claire Austin Bed, Cut,
Cli, Spe
Claret Bed
Climbing Cecile Brunner Cli,
Gro, Cut, Psoil, Sha, Nor
Climbing Iceberg
Climbing Iceberg Cli, Tre, Cut,
Psoil, Sha, Nor
Colby School Bed, Cut, Pot,
Psoil, Sha
Colchester Beauty Bed, Pot
Comte de Champagne Bed,
Cut, Spe
Cooperi Cli
Cranford Bed
Creme Caramel Bed
Crocus Rose Bed, Cli, Cut
Crown Princess Margereta Bed,
Cli, Cut, Spe, Bac, Wal
Cumberland Cli, Arc

D'Arcey Bussell Bed, Cut, Pot,
Spe, Edg
Daybreak (Pember-ton, 1918)
Daybreak Bed, Hed, Pot,
De Resht Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot, Sha
Deep Secret (Tantau 1997)
Deep Secret (Tantau 1997) Bed,
Cut, Pot, Psoil
Dupontii (Dupont, 1817) Bed,
Arc, Spe

East Park Bed
Easy Going Bed, Cut, Pot,
Elegantula Persetosa Bed,
Spe, Gro, Woo, Psoil, Sha
Elina Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot,
Sta, Exh, Psoil
England's Rose Bed, Cut
English Garden Bed, Cut, Pot
English Miss
English Miss Bed, Cut, Pot, Sta

Faithful Friend Bed, Hed, Pot,
Falstaff Bed, Arc, Cut, Spe
Family Life Bed, Hed, Sta
Fascination Bed, Pot, Sta
Felicite Perpetue Cli, Tre,
Psoil, Sha, Cut, Woo
Fellowship Bed, Cut, Pot,
Psoil, Sha, Sta
First Great Western Bed, Cut,
Flower Carpet Amber Gro, Pot
Flower Carpet Coral Gro, Pot
Flower Carpet Gold Bed, Gro,
Ban, Pot, Sta
Flower Carpet Red Velvet Bed,
Gro, Pot, Sta
Flower Carpet Ruby Gro, Pot, Sta
Flower Carpet Scarlet Gro, Sta
Flower Carpet Sunshine Gro,
Hed, Pot, Psoil
Flower Carpet White Gro, Pot, Sta
Foetida Persiana Bed, Pot,
Psoil, Sha
Fragrant Cloud
Fragrant Cloud Bed, Cut, Exh
Francine Austin Gro, Bed, Cut,
Cli, Pot, Spe, Sta, Wal
Francis E. Lester Cli,
Arc, Tre, Psoil, Nor, Sha
Fru Dagmar Hastrup Gro, Bed,
Hed, Pot, Sta, Psoil, Sha, Spe

Gallica var. officinalis Hed, Cli,
Cut, Pot, Exh, Psoil, Sha
Gardenia Cli, Tre, Pot, Psoil,
Sha, Wat
Geranium (Hybrid Moyesii, 1938)
Cli, Woo, Spe, Psoil, Sha
Gertrude Jekyll Bed, Cli, Hed,
Arc, Cut, Pot, Spe
Glorious Bed, Cut, Spe, Sta, Edg
Gold Spice Bed, Hed, Pot
Golden Beauty Bed, Cut, Edg,
Golden Celebration Bed, Cut,
Pot, Sta, Spe
Golden Oldie Bed, Edg
Golden Smiles Bed, Sta, Spe
Golden Wedding Bed, Arc, Hed,
Sta, Cut, Pot, Psoil
Grace Bed, Cut, Pot, Sta, Spe
Graham Thomas Bed, Cut, Pot,
Psoil, Arc, Hed, Sta, Spe
Grandpa Dickson Bed, Hed, Cut,
Pot, Exh, Psoil, Sha
Great Expectations Bed, Pot, Edg
Guys Gold Bed, Cut, Edg

Hand in Hand Bed, Hed, Pot,
Psoil, Edg, Sta
Red Abundance not its Regist-ration Name Harkimono Bed,
Hed, Cut, Pot, Edg, Sta
Harlow Carr Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot,
Edg, Spe
Haydock Park Bed, Edg
Helen Robinson Bed, Hed, Cut,
Spe, Bac, Edg
Helen Knight Bed, Hed, Spe,
Psoil, Sha, Edg, Wal
Henry Kelsey Gro, Hed, Pot,
Spe, Psoil, Sha
Highgrove Cli, Pot, Spe, Psoil,
Sha, Arc
Hot Chocolate Bed, Cut, Pot,
Hyde Hall Bed, Hed, Spe, Bac,
Edg, Ban

Iceberg Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot,
Psoil, Sha, Sta
Irish Hope Bed, Cut, Edg
Isn't She Lovely Bed, Cut, Pot,
Edg, Sta

Jack's Wish Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg
Jacqueline du Pre Bed, Hed, Pot,
Spe, Psoil, Sha, Edg
Jubilee Celebration Bed, Cut,
Pot, Spe, Edg, Sta
Just Joey Bed, Cut, Pot, Sha,
Edg, Sta

Keep Smiling Bed, Hed, Cut,
Sha, Edg, Sta
Kent Bed, Gro, Pot, Psoil, Sha,
Edg, Sta
Sunsprite (KORresia)
Korresia Bed, Hed, Cut, Pot, Edg

Macmillan Nurse Bed, Hed, Pot,
Psoil, Sha

Silver Anniversary Bed, Cut, Sta
Silver Ghost Bed, Hed, Pot, Gro,
Simply the Best Bed, Cut, Sta,
Skylark Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg
Strawberry Hill Bed, Cut, Pot,
Bac, Edg
Super Trouper Bed, Cut, Pot
Susan Williams-ellis Bed, Hed,
Pot, Sta, Spe, Edg

Tam o Shanter Bed, Cli, Cut
The Charlatan Bed, Cli, Gro

Welwyn Garden Glory Bed, Cut,
Wild Edric Bed, Hed, Cut, Spe
Wildfire Bed, Pot

York Minster Bed, Pot




Roses produce a chemical in the soil to kill off new roses inserted in the same soil as the old rose. This is partly due to killing off your own children and partly to stop others from occupying your volume of soil where you get your nutrients, water and air from as a survival technique. This works up to 7 years before it fades away. It might be unwise to plant any of the Rose Family in the same spot as a previous member resided in and choose a member of a different family instead. This suggestion applies to all 180 Wildflower Families and cultivated Families.
Wildflower Rose Family from
Rose 1
Alchemilla alpina
(Alpine Lady's Mantle) Yellow
Alchemilla vulgaris
(Common Lady's Mantle) Green
Agrimonia eupatoria
(Agrimony) Yellow Hed

Malus sylvestris
(Crab Apple) Dt White Hed,
Woo, Spe

Potentilla crantzii
(Alpine Cinquefoil)
Potentilla reptans
(Creeping Cinquefoil) Yellow
Woo, Gra, Hed, Ban
Potentilla sterilis
(Barren Strawberry) White Woo,
Prunus cerasifera
(Cherry-Plum) Dt White Hed, Woo
Prunus padus
(Bird Cherry) Ds White Woo Wat
Prunus spinosa
(Blackthorn) Ds White Woo Hed

Rosa pimpinellifolia( Rosa spinosissima)
(Burnet Rose) Ro White San
Hed Roc
Rubus caesius
(Dewberry) Ds White Hed, Woo,
Gra, San
Rubus chamaemorus
(Cloudberry) White Wet
Rubus fruticosus (Rubus plicatus)
(Bramble) Ds White Woo, Hed, Ban
Rubus laciniatus
(Cut-leaf Bramble, (Parsley-
leaved Blackberry
, Cutleaf
Evergreen Blackberry,
Evergreen Blackberry
) Es Pink

Sorbus intermedia
(Cut-leaved White Beam) Dt Woo
Spiraea salicifolia
(Bridewort) Ds Woo Wat


Rose 2
Agrimonia odorata (Agrimonia procera)
(Fragrant Agrimony) Hed Woo
Amelanchier intermedia
(Amelanchier lamarckii)
(June Berry, Allegheny
Service Berry) Woo

Cotoneaster integerrimus (Cotoneaster cotoneaster,
Cotoneaster cambricus)
(Great Orme Berry,
Wild Cotoneaster) Ds Roc
Cotoneaster simonsii
(Khasia Berry, Himalayan
Cotoneaster) Ds Woo, Hed,
Gra, Roc
Crataegus monogyna
(Hawthorn) Ds White Hed, Woo,
winter food for birds

Filipendula ulmaria
(Meadowsweet) Wet, Woo,
Ban, Gra
Filipendula vulgaris
(Dropwort) White Gra Roc
Fragaria x ananassa
(Garden Strawberry) Ban

Geum urbanum
(Herb Bennet, Wood Avens)
Woo Sha Hed

Mespilus germanica
(Medlar) Ds Hed, Woo

Potentilla argentea
(Hoary Cinquefoil) San, Gra, Ban
Potentilla palustris
(Marsh Cinquefoil) Bu Wet, Wat
Poterium polygamum
(Sanguisorba minor subsp.
, Sanguisorba polygama)
(Fodder Burnet) Gra Ban

Rosa arvensis
(Field Rose) Ds White Cli Woo Hed
Rosa canina
(Dog Rose) Ds Pink Woo, Hed,
Ban, Roc
Rosa rugosa
(Japanese Rose) Ro Pink Tho
Rosa villosa
(Downy Rose) Ds Pink

Sanguisorba officinalis
(Great Burnet) Red Gra
Wat Wet
Sibbaldia procumbens
(Least Cinquefoil) Roc
Sorbus latifolia
(French Hales, Broad-leaved
European Mountain-Ash) Dt
Woo Roc Wat


Rose 3
Acaena anserinifolia
(Acaena novae-zelandiae)
(Pirri-Pirri Bur) Hp Pink Ban
Alchemilla conjuncta
(Silver Lady's-Mantle,
Dwarf Lady's Mantle) Hp Green
Gra Wat Grow in Alpine House
Aphanes arvensis
(Parsley Piert) An Green
Gra Woo Roc
Cotoneaster microphyllus
(Rockspray) Es Woo Gra
Dryas octopetala
(Mountain Avens) Ds White
Roc Gra
Potentilla anserina
(Silverweed) Yellow Wat
Gra Wet Coast San
Potentilla fruticosa
(Shrubby Cinqeufoil) Ds
Yellow Roc Wet Wat
Potentilla norvegica
(Norwegian Cinquefoil,
Ternate-leaved Cinquefoil)
An Yellow Roc
Poterium sanguisorba
(Sanguisorba minor subsp. minor)
(Salad Burnet) Red Gra Roc Ban
Prunus cerasus
(Morello cherry, Dwarf Cherry)
Ds Woo Hed
Pyrus communis
(Pear) Dt White Hed Woo Ban
Pyrus cordata
(Plymouth Pear) Dt White Hed
Rubus idaeus
(Raspberry) Ds Woo Hed Roc
Sorbus aucuparia
(Rowan) Dt White Woo Roc Wat


Rose 4
Cotoneaster horizontalis
(Wallspray, Wall Cotoneaster)
Ds Roc Gra Ban Fru
Crataegus oxyacanthoides
(Crataegus laevigata)
(Woodland Hawthorn) Dt White
Woo They make great bonsai
Duchesnea indica (Fragaria indica,
Potentilla indica
(Yellow-flowered Strawberry,
False Strawberry, Mock Straberry,
Indian Mock Strawberry,
Indian Strawberry
) Yellow Fru
Gro Sha
Fragaria vesca
(Wild Strawberry) White Woo
Hed Ban Roc Walls Fru
Geum rivale
(Water Avens) Red Wet Sha
Wat Woo Roc
Potentilla anglica
(Trailing Tormentil) Ban Woo
Potentilla erecta
(Tormentil) Yellow Gra Woo
Hed Ban
Potentilla recta
(Sulphur Cinquefoil) White
Ban Gra
Potentilla rupestris
(White Cinquefoil) White
Roc Wat
Potentilla tabernaemontani
(Potentilla neumanniana)
(Spring Cinquefoil) Yellow
Coast Roc Gra
Prunus avium
(Wild Cherry) Dt White Woo
Hed Fru
Prunus domestica
(Prunus insititia)
(Wild Plum, Damson) Dt White
Hed Woo Fru
Rosa rubiginosa
(SweetBriar) Ds Other Hed
Roc Gra Hip
Rubus saxatilis
(Stone Bramble) Hp White
Roc Woo Wat
Sorbus aria
(White Beam) Dt Woo Roc
Sorbus torminalis
(Wild Service Tree) Dt White
Woo Hed


Camera Photos of Roses

4000 x 3000 pixel Camera Photos of Roses are listed below; so that you see more clearly what the relevant rose looks like from

Nursery of
Peter Beales Roses
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Recommended Rose Pruning Methods 13 from Sissinghurst Castle


Rosa 'Absolutely Fabulous' Yellow
Bed, Psoil, Fra, Cut, Pot, Edg,
Tho, Pout
Rosa 'Alfred Colomb' Red Pout
Rosa 'Aloha' Pink Cli, Cut, Psoil,
Fra, Spe, Arc, Pout
Rosa 'Amber Queen' Yellow Bed,
Hed, Sta, Fra, Cut, Pot, Edg
Rosa 'Amber Star' Yellow/Pink
Bed, Cut, Pot, Exh, Edg
Rosa 'Amber Sunset' Orange/
Yellow Bed, Cut, Pot, Exh
Rosa 'Ambiance' Peach Bed, Cut,
Pot, Exh, Edg
Rosa 'Andrea Stelzer' Pink
Fra, Exh
Rosa 'Angela' Pink Fra, Exh
Rosa 'Anisley Dickson' Pink Fra,
Rosa 'Annabelle' Orange/Red
Tho, Exh, Fra
Rosa 'Apricot Ingrid' Red/Yellow
Tho, Exh
Rosa 'Apricot Rex' Apricot to
White Fra, Exh, Tho
Rosa 'Apricot Silk' Apricot to
Yellow Bed, Cut, Pot, Fra, Tho
Rosa 'Arcanum' Apricot blended
White Exh
Rosa 'Arizona Sunset' Orange /
Yellow Bed, Cut, Pot, Exh,
Edg, Tho
Rosa 'Arthur Bell' Yellow Fra,
Cut, Bed, Hed, Pot, Psoil
Rosa 'Arthur Merril' Red Bed,
Hed, Cut, Tho
Rosa 'Attleborough' Red Psup Cli
Rosa 'Autumn' Multi-Coloured
Bed, Fra

Rosa 'Baby Bio' Yellow Tho, Bed,
Hed, Pot, Hip
Rosa 'Baby Boomer' Pink Bed,
Cut, Pot, Exh
Rosa 'Baby Katie' Multi-Coloured
Tho, Bed, Cut, Pot, Edg, Exh
Rosa 'Baby Masquerade' Other
Bed Cut Pot Psoil
Rosa 'Ballerina' Pink Bed Hed Pot
Psoil Hip Sha Coast Fra Cli
Rosa 'Barbara Stack' Orange Bed
Pot Cut
Rosa 'Baronne Prevost' Pink,
Pout, Fra
Rosa 'Barry Stephens' Other Bed
Cut Exh Fra
Rosa 'Behold' Yellow Bed Cut Pot
Exh Edg Tless
Rosa 'Bella Christina' Red Exh
Rosa 'Bella Diana' Other Tless Exh
Rosa 'Belle Happiness' Pink Cli
Rosa 'Betty's Smile' Pink Bed Cut
Pot Edg
Rosa 'Big Chief' Red Cut Exh Fra
Rosa 'Birthday Boy' Other Fra
Rosa 'Birthday Girl' Other Bed
Hed Pot
Rosa 'Black Baccara' Red
Rosa 'Black Gold' Other Exh
Rosa 'Black Jack' Other Cli
Exh Psoil
Rosa 'Blessings' Pink Bed Cut
Pot Fra
Rosa climber 'Blossomtime' Pink/
Salmon/ Red Cli, Sha, Fra, Psup
Rosa 'Blossomtime'
Rosa 'Blue Moon' Other Bed Cut
Pot Exh Fra
Rosa 'Blush Noisette' Other Hed
Spe Psoil Nor Sha Fra Cut
Rose 'Bob Woolley' Other Cut Exh
Rose 'Bobby Charlton' Pink Cut
Pot Exh Fra
Rosa 'Bonica' Pink Gro Pout and
Rose 'Bonica'
Rosa 'Bonn' Red Hed Psoil Fra
Rosa bourbon 'Zigeunerknabe'
Rosa 'Bright Smile ' Yellow Exh
Rosa 'Buff Beauty' Yellow Fra
Cli Pout and
Rosa 'Buff Beauty'
Rosa 'Butter Cream' Yellow

Rosa 'Cajun Moon' Other Fra
Rosa 'Cajun Signature' Other Exh
Rosa 'Caledonian' Other Bed
Rosa californica plena Pink Pout
Rosa 'Canadian Northlight' Red
Fra Exh
Rosa 'Capel Manor House' Red
Fra, Bac, Mid, Cli, Tho
Rosa 'Castle of Mey' Other Bed Fra
Rosa 'Catherine Cookson' Other Exh
Rosa 'Cecile Brunner' Other Fra Edg
Rosa 'Celebration Time' Red
Rosa centifolia 'Fantin Latour'
Pink Hed, Woo, Psoil, Fra, Psup
Rosa centifolia 'Paul Ricault' Psup
Rosa 'Champagne Cocktail' Other
Rosa 'Chanelle' Other Hed Pot
Psoil Fra
Rosa 'Charismatic' Other Exh
Cut Edg
Rosa 'Chatsworth' Other Fra Gro
Rosa 'Chelsea Belle' Other Cut
Exh Edg Pot
Rosa 'Chicago Peace' Other Bed
Hed Cut Pot Psoil Fra
Rosa 'Childs Play' Other Bed Cut
Exh Fra Pot Edg
Rosa 'Chinatown' Other Bed Bac

Rosa 'City of York' White Cli,
Arc, Nor, Wild, Psup
Rosa 'Comte de Chambord' Lilac
Fra, Pout

Rosa damask 'Ispahan' Psup
Rosa 'Dunwich Rose' White
Sha, Pout

Rosa elegantula persotosa
'Threepenny Bit Rose' Lilac-Pink
Tho, Pout

Rosa gallica 'Duchesse de
Montebello' Pout
Rosa 'Gold Flower Carpet' Yellow

Rosa 'Happy Retirement' Pink
Hed, Pout
Rosa 'Henri Martin' Crimson Hed,
Pot, Psoil, Fra, Psup

Rosa indigo Red Fra, Tho, Pout

Rosa 'Juno' Pink Tho, Pout

Rosa 'Kazanlik' Pink Fra Psup

Rosa 'Macmillan Nurse' White
Fra, Pot, Hed, Pout
Rosa 'Morning Jewel' Cli, Psup
Rosa moyesii Crimson Woo,
Psoil, Sha, Wat, Wal, Hip, Pout

'Norwich Castle' Orange
Bed, Hed, Fra, Tho, Pout

Rosa 'Ophelia' Pink Fra, Tho, Psup

Rosa 'Pearl Drift' White Gro, Hed,
Wild, Pout
Rosa 'Prosperity' White Fra,
Hed, Tho, Pout

Rosa 'Red Velvet Flower Carpet'
Red Tho, Pout
Rosa 'Reine des Violettes' Violet
Fra, Pout
Rosa climbing 'Rose Mermaid'
Yellow Cli, Psoil, Nor, Sha, Fra,
Tre, Hed Psup
Rosa 'Roxburgs' Pout

Rosa 'Sophie's Perpetual'
Silver/Pink Fra, Cli, Psup
Rosa 'Stanwell Perpetual' Pink to
White Fra, Tho, Pout
Rosa Super Trouper Orange Bed,
Cut, Pot, Pout

Rosa 'Wolley Dod' Psup


Rosa beds
Rose supported on dead tree
Roses support
Rose tripod support system













































































































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'Plant Type' space 'Flower Colour' space 'Plant Use'

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Plants in the galleries below will also be added to above:-

Bee not wind pollinated plants against hay-fever

Rock Garden, Alpine Flowers
Rock Flowers

Rock Photos

Alpines, Aquatic, Annual, Beddi-ng, Biennial and Bulb with Clim-ber of 3 sector system from
Infill Plants

4000x3000 pixel Camera Photo Index A 1, 2

Fragrant Plants

Plant Type:-
Aq = Aquatic
An = Annual from Photo Coleus Galleries for diffent uses
Ba = Bamboo
Be = Bedding
Bu = Bulb
Cl = Climber
Co = Conifer
Ds = Deciduous Shrub
Dt = Deciduous Tree
Ep = Evergreen Perennial
Es = Evergreen Shrub
Et = Evergreen Tree
Fe = Fern
Gr = Grass
Hed = Hedging
Hp = Herbaceous Perennial
Her = Herb
Od = Odds and Sods
Rg = Plant for Rock Garden
Rh = Rhododendron, Azalea, Camellia
Ro = Rose
So = Soft Fruit
To = Top Fruit
Ve = Vegetable
Wi = Wildflower

Gr = Grass
Link in Plant Type is to either Index A of that type or to the Index in the right hand table on each page of that folder
Link(s) in expansion is to another folder in this ivydenegardens.co.uk website

Flower Colour:-
2 Colours

followed by
Plant Use:-
Alp = in Alpine Garden
Arc = Climb Arch, Pergola, Fence, Trellis
Bac = Back of Border
Ban = Cover Banks
Bed = Bedding, Mass Planting
Bee = Bee pollinated for Hay Fever Sufferers
Cli = Climber/Pillar
Coast = in Coastal Area
Cott = in Cottage Garden
Cut = Cut-Flower
Edib = Edible
Edg = Edging Border
Exh = Exhibition
Fra = Fragrant
Fru = Fruit, Berry, Nut
Fless = Free of Frost
Gra = in Grassland
Gro = Ground-Cover
Hed = Hedge, Plant in Hedge
Herb = in Herb Garden
Hip = Produces Hips, Seed-Head

Inv = Invasive; so pot the plant instead
Mid = Middle of Border
Nat = Naturalize
Nor = North-facing Wall
Pois = Poisonous
Pot = Grow in Pot
PotGr = Pot in Greenhouse, Conservatory, Houseplant
Pout = Plant Supportless
Psoil = Tolerates Poor Soil
Psup = Plant Supported
Sha = Tolerates Shade, Part Shade, Shade Part of Day
Roc = Rock Garden, Cliff, Scree, Gravel
San = on Sand Dunes
Shr = Climber in Shrubs
Spe = Speciman
Sta = Grow as Standard
Swo = Sword-shaped leaf
Tho = Thorns repel
Tless = Thornless
Tre = Climber in Tree
Und = Underplant
Veg = in Vegetable Garden
Wal = Grow as Wall Rose
Walls = Grows on Walls
Wat = Grow next to Water
Wet = Grow in Wet Soil
Wild = Attracts Wildlife
Woo = Woodland

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