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"It is possible to have an attractive garden that takes just an hour a week (One-Hour Garden by Joanna Smith) or less to look after, but you have to be rigorous about the initial planning and limit the number of features and plants you include.

Use this list of tasks that can be done in about an hour as a guide to deciding how long your ideal garden will take to maintain, and eliminate those features that, realistically, you will be unable to look after properly:-

  • Mow a small lawn and weed a small border
  • Replant 2 or 3 containers with fresh plants
  • Cut back 6 easy-care shrubs and dispose of the prunings (by putting them on the lawn, mowing them and mulching your weeded flower bed or hedge)
  • Plant 10 new plants
  • Clear up fallen autumn leaves ( by setting the mower to its highest setting, mowing and mulching your beds with the combination of mown grass and leaves each week until all leaves removed from lawn)
  • Rake over an area of gravel and top it up if necessary - remember to have weed control fabric under all this area of gravel to prevent weeds from having their roots in the ground
  • Give a slow-growing hedge its annual trim
  • Look through some bulb catalogues and order a few bulbs for instant colour
  • Take a trip to a garden centre and buy a few new plants
  • Weed and top up the mulch on a medium-sized border
  • Weed, water and feed all your containers"





"There are dozens of books on the market which tell you how to do your garden.....

This book - 2 Hour Garden by Alexander Dingwall Main and Ian Dougill, edited by Roger Grounds. Times Newspapers Limited 1976 published by Ward Lock Limited - is completely different. It's basic assumption is that gardening should be fun. And it faces the real problems of first-time gardeners. Like that they have other things to do besides gardening. So it is paced very carefully. For an average of about 2 hours work a week and a minimal financial expenditure, you should be able to transform your garden from a wilderness to a wonderland in about 12 months."





Simplest maintenance:

  • Weed your flower bed, donate weeds to UK council.
  • Then prune your shrubs/ hedge/ perennials and lay thin prunings on lawn (shrub/tree prunings no thicker than little finger onto lawn, remainder donated to UK council) from that weeded flower bed.
  • Mow lawn with rotary mower and cover weeded flower bed with 0.5 inch depth of grass/shreddings mowings. Fallen leaves in Autumn can be included in this mow lawn by cutting at highest grass cutting height first, then cutting the lawn at the normal height.
  • Leave for 2 weeks, then repeat from "Weed your flower bed" onto next section of bed to be weeded.



or follow the recommendations in this Garden Maintenance topic:-


Private Garden Maintenance.

Ivydene Horticultural Services maintenance plan for


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