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Narcissus is very versatile in its planting position. It can be grown amongst shrubs in a border, in meadows, woodland, lawns and containers. Some of the smaller species are suitable for the rock garden, although some, like Narcissus cantabricus, Narcissus romieuxii and Narcissus rupicola will need extra protection in an alpine house.

Narcissus - Division 1: Trumpet Daffodil Cultivars

'Brabazon' 1Y-Y
'Bravoure' 1W-Y
'Dutch Master' 1Y-Y
'Golden Harvest' 1Y-Y
'Little Beauty' 1W-Y
'Rijnveld's Early
' 1Y-Y
'Small Talk' 1Y-Y
'Spellbinder' 1Y-Y

Golden Yellow/Yellow
Golden Yellow/Yellow
Yellow, Yellow
Golden Yellow/Yellow

February, March
March, April
February, March,
April, May
December, January, February, March
March, April
March, April

Narcissus - Division 2: Large-Cupped Daffodil Cultivars

'Altun Ha' 2YYW-W
'Armada' 2Y-O
'Border Beauty' 2Y-O
'Carlton' 2Y-Y
'Ceylon' 2Y-O
'Glen Clova' 2Y-ORR
'Home Fires'
'Ice Follies' 2W-Y
'Redhill' 2W-OR
'Romance' 2W-PPO
'Rustom Pasha' 2Y-O
'St. Keverne' 2Y-Y

Lemon Yellow/Cream
Golden Yellow/Orange
eye-zone, Red mid-zone and rim
White/Rose-Pink eye-zone and mid-zone with Orange rim
Lemon Yellow/Orange
Yellow /Yellow

April, May
April, May
March, April
March, April
March, April
April, May
March, April

Narcissus - Division 3: Small-Cupped Daffodil Cultivars

'Badbury Rings' 3Y-YYO
'Merlin' 3W-YYR

Lemon-Yellow/ Yellow eye-zone, Yellow mid-zone and Orange rim
White/ Yellow with
Red rim

March, April

Narcissus - Division 4: Double Daffodil Cultivars

'Abba' 4W-O
'Replete' 4W-P
'Sir Winston
' 4W-O


February, March, April
March, April
March, April

Narcissus - Division 5: Triandrus Daffodil Cultivars

'Hawera' 5Y-Y


April, May

Narcissus - Division 6: Cyclamineus Daffodil Cultivars

'Beryl' 6Y-YYO
'February Gold' 6Y-Y
'Garden Princess' 6Y-Y
'Jack Snipe' 6W-Y
'Jetfire' 6Y-O
'Peeping Tom' 6Y-Y
'Spring Dawn' 6Y-Y

eye-zone and mid-zone, Orange rim
Pale Yellow/
Bright Yellow

March, April
February, March
March, April
March, April
March, April
February, March
January, February,

Narcissus - Division 7: Jonquilla and Apodanthus Daffodil Cultivars

'Baby Moon' 7Y-Y Min
'Bell Song' 7W-P
'Golden Dawn' 7Y-O
'Kokopelli' 7Y-Y
'Pipit' 7Y-Y
'Quail' 7Y-Y

Rich Yellow/Orange
Yellow/Golden Yellow
Lemon Yellow/Yellow
Golden Yellow/Yellow

April, May
April, May, June
February, March, April
April, May
April, May

Narcissus - Division 8: Tazetta Daffodil Cultivars

'Falconet' 8Y-O
'Geranium' 8W-O
'Minnow' 8Y-Y
papyraceus 8W-W


March, April
March, April
March, April, May
January, February,

Narcissus - Division 9: Poeticus Daffodil Cultivars




Narcissus - Division 10: Bulbocodium Daffodil Cultivars

"Golden Bells" 10Y-Y
subsp. obesus 10Y-Y
pseudonarcissus 10W-Y


April, May
March, April
February, March, April

Narcissus - Division 11: Split-Corona Daffodil Cultivars a) Collar Daffodils

'Cassata' 11aW-Y


March, April

Narcissus - Division 11: Split-Corona Daffodil Cultivars b) Papillon Daffodils

'Broadway Star' 11bW-O

White/Orange stripe


Narcissus - Division 12 Other Daffodil Cultivars




Narcissus - Division 13: Daffodils distinguished solely by Botanical Name

asturiensis 13Y-Y
bulbocodium 13Y-Y
cyclamineus 13Y-Y
obvallaris 13Y-Y
poeticus var

Fading Yellow/
Darker Yellow
White/Green eye-zone, Yellow mid-zone, Red-Orange rim

January, February,
March, April, May
March, April




Dr Tom Throckmorton of Iowa computerized much data in the early 1970's regarding the flower colour of daffodils. With the support of the American Daffodil Society, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) was approached and asked to consider certain modifications to its admittedly good classification. The RHS, after due consideration, approved the Revised Classification and published this in the International Register of Daffodil names in 1975 as follows:-

1. The classification of a daffodil cultivar shall be based on the description and measurements submitted by the person registering the variety, or shall be the classification submitted by such person.

2. Colours applicable to the description of daffodil cultivars are abbreviated as follows:

  • W white or whitish
  • G green
  • Y yellow
  • P pink
  • O orange
  • R red

3. For purposes of description, the daffodil flower shall be divided into perianth and corona (a crownlike appendage on a plant, esp. on the inner side of a corolla, as in the narcissus.).

4. The perianth shall be described by the letter or letters of the colour code most appropriate.

5. The corona shall be divided into 3 zones:an eye-zone, a mid-zone, and the edge or rim. Suitable coded colour descriptions shall describe these 3 zones, beginning with the eye-zone and extending to the rim - see Introduction Page

6. The letter or letters of the colour code most accurately describing the perianth shall follow the division designation. Narcissus Altun Ha is given the classification code 2YYW-W as the Champion Bloom at the 2011 Tulip and Daffodil Festival for the New Zealand's Daffodil Society. This code indicates a Yellow rim and edge, Yellow mid-zone and White inside part next to the corona of the perianth with White corona.

7. The letters of the colour code most accurately describing the zones of the corona shall then follow, from the eye-zone to the rim separated from the perianth letters by a hyphen. In Division 4, the letters of the colour code most accurately describing the admixture of petals and petaloids replacing the corona shall follow in proper order, using 3, 2, or 1 colour codes as appropriate - see Introduction Page.

8. If the corona is substantially of a single colour, a single letter of the colour code shall describe it.





Carpet a Woodland in Bulbs from December 2000, Issue number 76, of "Fine Gardening Magazine" by Judy Glattstein:-

Plant bulbs that flower in sequence to extend the season

Bloom times are approximate in my USDA Hardiness Zone 6 garden. Though the sequence will generally be the same from year to year, exact bloom times will vary depending upon your location and weather conditions.

Snowdrops - Galanthus spp.
Spring snowflake - Leucojum vernum
Winter aconite - Eranthis hyemalis

Crocus tommasinianus
Snowdrops - Galanthus spp.
Spring snowflake - Leucojum vernum
Winter aconite - Eranthis hyemalis
Narcissus 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'

Corydalis solida
Fritillaria thunbergii (See photos of fritillaria)
Glory of the snow- Chionodoxa spp.
Grape hyacinth - Muscari armeniacum
Siberian squill - Scilla sibirica
Narcissus 'Beersheba' with their companions
Narcissus 'Dove Wings'
Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle'
Narcissus 'Trevithian'

Narcissus 'Actaea'
Narcissus 'Thalia'
Guinea hen flower - Fritillaria meleagris
Spanish bluebell - Hyacinthoides hispanicus






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Site Map for Narcissus Bulbs
Narcissus 'Brabazon' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'Bravoure' 1W-Y
Narcissus 'Dutch Master' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'Golden Harvest' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'Little Beauty' 1W-Y
Narcissus 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'Small Talk' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'Spellbinder' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'Altun Ha' 2YYW-W
Narcissus 'Armada' 2Y-O
Narcissus 'Border Beauty' 2Y-O
Narcissus 'Carlton' 2Y-Y
Narcissus 'Ceylon' 2Y-O
Narcissus 'Glen Clova' 2Y-ORR
Narcissus 'Home Fires' 2Y-O
Narcissus 'Ice Follies' 2W-Y
Narcissus 'Redhill' 2W-OR
Narcissus 'Romance' 2W-PPO
Narcissus 'Rustom Pasha' 2Y-O
Narcissus 'St Keverne' 2Y-Y
Narcissus 'Badbury Rings' 3Y-YYO
Narcissus 'Merlin' 3W-YYR
Narcissus 'Abba' 4W-O
Narcissus 'Replete' 4W-P
Narcissus 'Sir Winston Churchill' 4W-O
Narcissus 'Hawera' 5Y-Y
Narcissus 'Beryl' 6Y-YYO
Narcissus 'February Gold' 6Y-Y
Narcissus 'Garden Princess' 6Y-Y
Narcissus 'Jack Snipe' 6W-Y
Narcissus 'Jetfire' 6Y-O
Narcissus 'Peeping Tom' 6Y-Y
Narcissus 'Spring Dawn' 6Y-Y
Narcissus 'Baby Moon' 7Y-Y Miniature
Narcissus 'Bell Song' 7W-P
Narcissus 'Golden Dawn' 7Y-O
Narcissus 'Kokopelli 7Y-Y
Narcissus 'Pipit' 7Y-Y
Narcissus 'Quail' 7Y-Y
Narcissus 'Falconet' 8Y-O
Narcissus 'Geranium' 8W-O
Narcissus 'Minnow' 8Y-Y
Narcissus papyraceus 8W-W
Narcissus bulbocodium "Golden Bells" 10Y-Y
Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. obesus 10Y-Y
Narcissus 'Cassata' 11aW-Y
Narcissus pseudonarcissus 10W-Y
Narcissus pseudonarcissus 'Praecox' 10W-Y
Narcissus 'Broadway Star' 11bW-O
Narcissus asturiensis 13Y-Y Miniature
Narcissus bulbocodium 13Y-Y
Narcissus cyclamineus 13Y-Y
Narcissus obvallaris 13Y-Y
Narcissus poeticus var physaloides 13W-GYO
Narcissus 'Sunny Side Up' 11bY-Y
Narcissus 'Surfside' 6W-Y
Narcissus 'Suzy' 7Y-O
Narcissus 'Sweet Love' 7W-YYW
Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete' 12Y-Y
Narcissus 'Thalia' 5W-W
Narcissus obvallaris 'Thomas' Virescent Daffodil' 4Y-Y
Narcissus 'Toto' 12W-Y
Narcissus 'Trevithian' 7Y-Y
Narcissus 'Triple Crown' 3Y-YYR
Narcissus 'Unique' 4W-YWW
Narcissus 'Unsurpassable' 1Y-Y
Narcissus 'White Lion' 4W-Y
Narcissus Bulb Gallery Introduction
Narcissus Bulb Site Map

Best UK Gardens to visit for Daffodils by Debbie Templeton of GardenVisiting.com:-


Brodie Castle, Nairn, Morayshire – During the 20th century over 400 varieties were developed at Brodie Castle, by Major Ian Brodie. The grounds of this castle are famous for their acres of daffodils which are at their best from early April. The garden holds the National Collection of Narcissus. Open year-round, daily. Brodie Castle: Brodie, Forres, Morayshire, IV36 2TE – 0844 493 2156.

Greenback Garden, Glasgow – magnificent displays of 350 different varieties of daffodils. Greenbank Garden: Flenders Road, Clarkston, Glasgow, G76 8RB – 0844 493 2201

Threave Garden, Castle Douglas – where the variety ‘Southern Gem’ appears in a massed planting. Threave Garden: Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, DG7 1RX – 0844 493 2244

Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire – here the 18th century avenue is under-planted with impressive displays of daffodils. Sauchen, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, AB51 7LD – 0844 493 2164

Galloway House Gardens, Dumfries & Galloway – a 65 acre garden which is being restored. The garden is said to benefit from the mild Gulf Stream climate and early to late Spring masses of snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells, rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias can be seen all in bloom. Open Mar-Oct, daily. (01988 600680)  www.gallowayhousegardens.co.uk.



Antony Woodland Garden, Cornwall – this is a 100-acre plantsman’s garden of two distinct wooded areas: the Wilderness and Westdown, linked by the Garden Field, which abounds with daffodils. Open Mar 1-Oct 31. (01752 812364) www.plants.info/gardens/antony-woodland.htm.

Bradenham Hall, Thetford, Norfolk – go in spring, when the daffodils are out, and you are in for a stunning surprise. There is a rose-filled walled garden for the summer visitor and a collection of unusual trees, 800 varieties. (01362 687243)  www.bradenhamhall.co.uk; Opens in April.

Coughton Court, Warwickshire – home to the Throckmorton daffodils and the only collection of it’s kind in Europe. The flowers look different to other daffodils and are late-flowering, making them a unique addition to the gardens here. The National Daffodil Society awarded a Gilt Medal for the outstanding display of daffodils (of which there are now over 400,000). Open March to Dec (01789 762435) http://www.coughtoncourt.co.uk

Docton Mill, Devon – a delightful garden created around a picturesque working water mill with sensational naturalised daffodils and a bluebell woodland. Open Mar-Oct, daily, 10am-6pm. (01237 441369) www.doctonmill.co.uk

Easton Walled Gardens, Lincolnshire - as this garden has been in the throes of restoration since 2002, there is always something new to see. Be sure to take in the fabulous displays of 15,000 daffodils followed by 5,000 tulips. (01476 530063) www.eastonwalledgardens.co.uk.

Exbury Gardens, Hampshire – early spring in this garden brings flowering cherries and carpets of daffodils. Open Mar-Nov 9, daily. (02380 891203) .

Felley Priory, Nottinghamshire – thousands of daffodils are among the seasonal attractions in this wonderful plantsman’s garden of herbaceous borders, unusual shrubs and trees. Open year-round, Tue, Wed, Fri, 9am-12.30pm; Mar-Oct every 2nd & 4th Wed 9am-4pm, every 3rd Sun 11am-4pm. (01773 810230)

Hever Castle, Kent – the gardens of this 14th-century moated castle burst into spring colour with crocuses, daffodils, tulips and bluebells. Open Easter-Oct 31, daily, 10.45am-5pm. (01732 865224)  www.hevercastle.co.uk

Howick Hall, Northumberland - among 11,000 trees and shrubs the woodland garden is admired for its bulbs, including old varieties of daffodils, which flower until May in the woodland garden. Open Easter Sunday-Oct 31, daily, 12 noon-6pm (01665 577285) 

Marwood Hill, Devon - 80 magnolia hybrids are under planted with narcissi in early spring. Open Mar-Oct, daily, 9.30am-5.30pm. (01271 342528)  www.marwoodhillgarden.co.uk.

Rydal Mount, Cumbria – a visit to William Wordsworth’s home is a must for any daffodil lovers. The gardens have been preserved to be almost as they were when the poet was in residence and must be seen for the rhododendrons, bluebells and, of course, the daffodils. Open Mar-Oct, daily (01539 433002) www.rydalmount.co.uk.

Nymans, West Sussex - this 20th-century garden is famed for its extraordinary collection of rare and important plants. In spring camellias and magnolias are under planted with drifts of daffodils and grape hyacinths. Open Feb-Nov 2, Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm (01444 400321)  www.nationaltrust.org.uk/nymans

RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey – a wonderful garden all year round but be sure not to miss the alpine meadow in Spring where a dazzling display of hoop-petticoat narcissus will be in full bloom. Open year-round, daily. (01483 224234)  www.rhs.org.uk.

Savill Garden, Berkshire - these Royal gardens consist of a series of woodland gardens which are all under planted with carpets of bulbs. Don’t miss the swathes of Narcissus bulbocodium. Open year-round, daily (01753 860222) www.theroyallandscape.co.uk.

Sheffield Park Garden, East Sussex - woodland and water make for an alluring combination in this fine landscape. A springtime visit is compulsory when the daffodils and bluebells are in bloom beneath a canopy of rhododendrons and azaleas. Call or see website for opening times. (01825 790231) 

Sherwood, Devon – this 15-acre garden of two steep wooded valleys is not to be missed in springtime. There are swathes of wild daffodils and the garden holds the National Collections of magnolia, Knap Hill azaleas and berberis. Open year-round, Sun, 2-5pm. (01392 851216).

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire – one of our favourite gardens, our first daffodils were seen here on 31st January 2011. In 180 acres there are some 42,000 plants, and the National Collection of Hamamelis (Witch Hazel). Spring-flowering camellias, magnolias, rhododendrons and azaleas with early-flowering and Japanese cherries are all to be found in full bloom during Spring. Open year-round, daily (01794 368787) www.hilliergardens.org.uk.

Valley Gardens, Berkshire -Set in Windsor Great Park, the Valley Gardens should be seen in spring not only for the naturalised dwarf daffodils but also for the glorious rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias. Open year-round, daily, sunrise to sunset. Entry: free (020 7851 5000) www.thecrownestate.co.uk


Northern Ireland

Guy Wilson Daffodil Garden, Co Derry – Guy Wilson was a daffodil breeder and this garden in the grounds of the University of Ulster is a celebration of his work. There are more than 1,500 cultivars that should not be missed; they are at their peak between mid March and mid April. Open year-round, daily, dawn to dusk. Entry: free (028 7034 4141).

Barnett Demesne, Belfast – includes an arboretum, daffodil garden, eco trail, orienteering routes, children’s playground (near Shaw’s Bridge), walking paths, refreshments (in Malone House) and scenic views http://www.discovernorthernireland.com/Barnett-Demesne-Belfast-P3033



Erddig, Wrexham, Clwyd – is principally an early 18th-century garden which has survived alongside the later addition of a landscape park. Wonderful spectacle of daffodils reflected in the canal. (01938 355314)

Colby Woodland Garden Nr Stepaside, Pembrokeshire – this garden is a riot of colour in the Spring with daffodils and bluebells. It also has one of the finest Rhododendron and Azalea collections in Wales. (01834 811885) "


Deeproot Plant base is an encyclopaedia of plants in the form of a simple to use interactive database. It is supplied complete with extensive data, but also enables adding and modification with personal information, including references to external material. The fully featured PC edition is available for download, also the same data may be viewed in the free simplified on-line version at www.deeproot.co.uk . The commercial reproduction rights of the photos in the database are for sale from Geoffrey Looker of Deeproot Software - email: enq@deeproot.co.uk.

Plant World Devon Ltd was formed in 1985 and supplies rare and unusual seeds to retail and wholesale customers all around the world. At any one time there are around 2000 flower and vegetable seeds in store and available to be purchased on-line. Plant World Devon Ltd, St Marychurch Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4SE  (01803 872939)  www.plant-world-seeds.com

R. V. Roger Ltd, The Nurseries, Malton Road (A169), Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7JW - Tel:(01751)472226 - Fax:(01751)476749 is a traditional third-generation family-run nursery, with the emphasis on plant quality and first-class customer service. The range of field-grown fruit trees grown is one of the best in the country, including many traditional varieties, which are becoming quite rare. They also grow over 40,000 roses in nearly 300 varieties. The rose field is usually in flower from the middle of .July until the autumn, when you are welcome to visit and walk through the field. Besides shrubs and ornamental trees, R. V. Roger also produce four bulb catalogues throughout the year, offering choice for a plant or plants by mail order direct from the 280 acre nursery.

Using Smaller Daffodils in the Garden was written by the person running Broadleigh Gardens in England for 26 years; with lists of recommended varieties.



Daffodils for the Deep South provides lists and details for Zones 6 to 8a in America.

Daffodils for the Lower and Coastal South of USA states daffodils from all 12 divisions.

Make Flower Bulbs Bloom in Winter from Colorado State University in the USA provides details on "forcing" tulips, daffodils and amaryllis to bloom in the winter

This list is of pre-1940 daffodils that have been grown by members of the America Daffodil Society Historic Daffodil Committee since 1989.
Fans of historic daffodils will be happy to hear that four rare volumes of The American Daffodil Year Book from 1935-1938 are now available on CD. The 300-plus pages of text include a wide variety of articles such as “In Praise of Old Daffodils,” “Daffodils in Texas,” “Naturalizing Narcissi,” and – our personal favorite – “A Daffodil Parade in Michigan.” Even better, the full 325 pages are completely searchable. That means if you want to find references to, say, ‘Argent’; or fragrance or daffodils for the South, just type those words into the search box and voila!

Would you like to give plants which have symbolic meanings? from Gold Mountain Herb Farm, which no longer runs a nursery.


Daffodils "can live for up to seven years and the bulbs keep reproducing, especially if you refresh clumps of daffodils with new bulbs, ideally of the same variety.
And it is probably best to plant them from September to November. They like most soils and are happiest half in the shade, half in the sun.
They don’t mind baking but they don’t like being waterlogged." from Joseph Atkin - head gardener of Aberglasney, in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The mail order nursery link to obtain the bulb is in the Comments Row of its Bulb Description Page.

This gallery also contains bulbs, rhizomes or tubers not sold by R.V. Roger Ltd.


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