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Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:
AI, AJ, AK, Al





















































































































































































Acis Flowers have a sweet perfume in an sunny or shady shrub beds, or indoor in windowboxes
Use is PotGr Roc Edg Cut
Woo Nat Fra Sha
Acis autumnalis
- Bu White
Acis autumnalis pulchellum -
Bu White
Acis autumnale
'September Snow'
- Bu White
Acis valentinum - Bu White

Aconitums are poisonous against humans and animals. Use in a mixed border / woodland and Wild Garden
Aconitum hemsleyanum -
Cl-Twiner Other Woo-Sha
Aconitum cammarum - Bu
Other Cut Wild Bee Sha Pois
Aconitum heterophyllum - Bu
2 Colours Sha Woo Bee Pois
Aconitum japonicum - Bu
Blue Sha Woo Pois
Aconitum lycoctonum - Bu
Yellow Sha Woo Bee Pois
Aconitum napellus - Bu
Other Cut Pot Sha
Aconitum variegatum - Bu
2 Colours Sha Pois


Akebia quinata Cl-Tw Other
Fra Fru PotGr-Greenhouse Sha

























Actinidia deliciosa - Cl-Tw
Other Fra Fru-Kiwi-Fruit Bee
Edib PotGr-Greenhouse
























































All Alliums have the smell that repels aphids and long-lasting cut flowers. Plant with other plants to hide dying foliage of alliums.
See pages on plant combinations of Alliums with other plants.
Alliums have further details in Allium/ Anemone Gallery
Allium acuminatum
- Bu Other
Roc Ban Sha PotGr Edib
Allium aflatunense
'Purple Sensation'
- Bu Other
Wild Fra Cut
Allium altissimum 'Goliath' - Bu
Other Fra Wild Swo Cut Sha
Allium ampeloprasum - Bu
Allium amphibolum Bu Other Fra
Wild Cut
Allium amplectens - Bu Other
Roc Woo
Allium angulosum - Bu Other
Wild Woo Pot Edg Fra Wat Sha
Cut Edible-Plant
Allium azureum - Bu Blue Edg
Pot Wild Ban Cut Sha
Allium 'Beau Regard' - Bu
Other Roc Cut
Allium caeruleum - Bu Blue Cut
Allium caesium - Bu Blue Wild
Coast Psoil Bed Cut
Allium carinatum
pulchellum 'Album'
- Bu White
Bed Psoil Pot Roc Sha Cut
Allium callimischon
- Bu Other
Roc PotGr
Allium cepa var viviparum - Bu
Other Mid Fru Herb Veg
Allium cernuum - Bu Pink Woo
Sha Roc Wild Edg Cut
Allium christophii - Bu Blue Ban
Pot Wild Cut
Allium cowanii - Bu White Roc
Pot Edg Sha Edible-Flowers
Allium crenulatum - Bu Other
Roc Pot
Allium cupanii - Bu Pink Wild
Pot Woo PotGr Roc Edible
Bee PotGr
Allium cyaneum - Bu Blue Wild
Roc Edg Bee
Allium cyathophorum
var farreri
- Bu Other Sha Roc
Pot Edg Bee Gra Ban
Pois to cats and dogs
Allium falcifolium - Bu Other Roc
Ban PotGr Edg Bee Wild Coast
Cut Woo
Allium flavum - Bu Yellow
Edg Roc Bee Wild Cott
Allium flavum nanum - Bu Yellow
Roc Bee Cut Pot Edg Cott
Allium geyeri - Bu Pink Bee
Wat Nat
Allium giganteum - Bu Other
FraBee Wild Cut Bac
Allium 'Gladiator' - Bu Other
Fra Ban Wild Cut Pot Spe Roc
Allium 'Globemaster' - Bu Other
Cut Spe Bee
Allium 'Globus' - Bu Other Cut
Allium hirtifolium 'Album' - Bu
White Spe
Allium 'His Excellency' - Bu Other
Cut Bed Bee Wild Edg
Allium x hollandicum - Bu Other
Allium jesdianum
- Bu Other Cut Gra
Allium jesdianum ssp angustitepalum - Bu Other
Allium jesdianum
'Michael Hoog
' - Bu Other
Cut Bed
Allium jesdianum
'Purple King
' - Bu Other Cut Wet
Allium jesdianum
- Bu Other Edg
Allium kansuensis - Bu Blue
Sha Gra Woo Roc Und
Allium karataviense - Bu 2 Colours
Sha Gro Cut Bed Pot
Allium karataviense
'Ivory Queen
' - Bu White Edg Gro
Pot Wild Bee Roc Cott Bed
Allium lenkoranicum - Bu Other
Bed Cut
Allium 'Lucy Ball' - Bu Other Cut
Pot Mid Roc
Allium macleanii - Bu Other Ban
Cut Pot
Allium macranthum - Bu Other
Roc Wet
Allium 'Mars' - Bu Other Sha Cut
Pot Bed Edg Mid Bee Wild
Allium maximowiczii - Bu Pink
Gra Wat Woo Wet
Allium moly - Bu Yellow Sha
Cut Roc Und
Allium moly 'Jeannine' - Bu
Yellow Sha Roc Mid Bee Wild
Nat Und Edg Pot Gro
Allium 'Mont Blanc' - Bu White
Fra Sha Cut Spe PotGr Bed
Roc Wild
Allium multibulbosum - Bu
2 Colours Fra Sha Nat Cut
Bee Pot
Allium neapolitanum - Bu White
Pot Gra Roc Edib Fra Nat Cut
Wild Cott Gro PotGr
Allium nevskianum - Bu Red
PotGr Bee Gro Coast
Allium nigrum - Bu 2 Colours
Allium nutans - Bu Pink Bee
Wild Pot Roc Ban Gra
Allium obliquum - Bu Other Cut
Nat Edib Gra Woo-Ban
Alium paradoxum normale - Bu
White Pot Woo
Allium plummerae - Bu 2 Colours
Wet Wat Roc
Allium oreophilum - Bu Pink
Roc Gro Fra Mid Edg Pot Cut
Allium pulchellum - Bu Red Cut
Bee Wild Pot Edg Mid
Allium ramosum - Bu White
Edible Bee Wild Pot Roc Edg
Allium rosenbachianum - Bu
Other Cut Wild
Allium roseum - Bu Pink Bee
Roc Hed Pot Bed Mid Cut
Gra Coast
Allium 'Round and Purple' - Bu
Other Sha Bee Wild Pot Cut Bac
Edg Mid
Allium saxatile - Bu 2 Colours
Alp Pot Roc Ban
Allium schoenoprasum - Bu
Other Woo Edg Hed Roc Bee
Bed Pot Edib Cott
Allium schoenoprasum
- Bu White Cut Edg
Cott Veg Pot Bee Wild Und
Allium schoenoprasum
- Bu Pink Cut Pot
Herb Wild Bed Edg Edib Woo
Allium schubertii - Bu 2 Colours
Fra Edg Pot Bee Wild Cut
Allium scorodoprasum - Bu Other
Gra Coast Wat Woo Gra Hed
Allium sphaerocephalum - Bu
Other Sha Bed Roc Wild
Cott Woo Gra Nat Pot Cut
Allium sphaero-cephalon - Bu
Red Sha Bed Roc
Allium stamineum - Bu Other
Roc Ban Woo
Allium stipitatum - Bu Other
Sha Cut Roc Ban Pot
Allium stipitatum 'Album' - Bu
White Sha Pot Cut Roc Pot
Mid Spe Edib
Allium stipitatum
'Mount Everest
' - Bu White Cut
Nat Wild Cott Bed Roc
Allium subvilosum - Bu White
Cut Coast San Gra
Allium triquetrum - Bu 2 Colours
Sha Gro Psoil Edib Hed Woo
Use only in pot in the UK
Allium unifolium - Bu Pink
Alp Edg Bee Wild Woo Coast
Gra Pot Pois to cat, dog, horse
Allium ursinum - Bu White Sha
Woo Gro Nat Edib
Allium vineale 'Hair' - Bu Other
Sha Cut Nat
Allium violaceum - Bu Other Gra
Coast Wet Woo
Allium wallichii - Bu Other Cut
Edg Mid Edib Woo Gra Wat
Allium zebdanense - Bu White
Sha Coast Roc


















ChileFlora.com details these Chilean plants and sells its seeds.
Alstroemeria aurantiaca
- Bu
Yellow Sha Cut
Alstroemeria versicolor - Bu
Yellow Sha-Woo
Alstroemeria psittacina - Bu
2 Colours Sha PotGr in winter
Alstroemeria pelegrina - Bu
2 Colours Sha San-Coast Roc
Alstroemeria diazii - Bu Other
Alstroemeria ligtu - Bu Other
Ban Coast Psoil
Alstroemeria haemantha - Bu
Red Sha-Woo Coast Cut
















Rock Garden (Alpines) suitable for Small Gardens in 53 Colours
These plants can be mixed with bulbs in your rock garden.

Click on number in flower colour required in that month.



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Naturalize -
The practice of growing certain plants under as natural conditions as possible.
For example; daffodils are said to be naturalized when they are planted in grass and left to look after themselves.
The term is also used to describe plants from foreign countries which have established themselves so well in the country into which they have been introduced that they behave like native plants; and are able to maintain themselves without the aid of the gardener.

Climber -
Grow Ramblers (Ra) or
Scramblers (Sc) on supports on House-Walls and elsewhere.
Grow Self-Clingers - like
Aerial Roots (Ar),
Sucker Pads (Sp),
Twining (Tw),
Twining Leaf-Stem (Twl) or
Twining Tendrils (TwT) - on garden walls, chainlink fences, trellis, pergolas or fedges, but not for House-Walls.

Clematis Cultivation Groups -
1 = Group 1,
2 = Group 2
3 = Group 3
4 = Herbaceous Climber

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Topic -
Case Studies
...Drive Foundations
Ryegrass and turf kills plants within Roadstone and in Topsoil due to it starving and dehydrating them.
CEDAdrive creates stable drive surface and drains rain into your ground, rather than onto the public road.
8 problems caused by building house on clay or with house-wall attached to clay.
Pre-building work on polluted soil.

Companion Planting
...A, B, C, D, E,
...F, G, H, I, J, K,
...L, M, N, O, P, Q,
...R, S, T, U, V, W,
...X, Y, Z
...Pest Control
...using Plants
to provide a Companion Plant to aid your selected plant or deter its pests


with ground drains
Garden Design
...How to Use the Colour Wheel Concepts for Selection of Flowers, Foliage and Flower Shape
...RHS Mixed

......Bedding Plants
......Her Perennials
......Other Plants
......Camera photos of Plant supports

Glossary with a tomato teaching cauliflowers
Library of over 1000 books
Offbeat Glossary with DuLally Bird in its flower clock.

...in Chalk
(Alkaline) Soil
......A-F1, A-F2,
......A-F3, G-L, M-R,
......M-R Roses, S-Z
...in Heavy
Clay Soil
......A-F, G-L, M-R,
...in Lime-Free
(Acid) Soil
......A-F, G-L, M-R,
...in Light
Sand Soil
......A-F, G-L, M-R,
...Poisonous Plants.
...Extra Plant Pages
with its 6 Plant Selection Levels

Interaction between 2 Quartz Sand Grains to make soil
How roots of plants are in control in the soil
Without replacing Soil Nutrients, the soil will break up to only clay, sand or silt
Subsidence caused by water in Clay
Use water ring for trees/shrubs for first 2 years.

Tool Shed with 3 kneeling pads
Useful Data with benefits of Seaweed


Topic -
Plant Photo Galleries with Plant Botanical Index

...A, B, C, D, E,
...F, G, H, I, J, K,
...L, M, N, O, P, Q,
...R, S, T, U, V, W,
...X, Y, Z

If the plant type below has flowers, then the first gallery will include the flower thumbnail in each month of 1 of 6 or 7 flower colour comparison pages of each plant in its subsidiary galleries, as a low-level Plant Selection Process
...by Flower Shape

Bulb with its 7 Flower Colours per Month Comparison Pages
...Allium/ Anemone
...Colchicum/ Crocus
...Gladiolus with its 40 Flower Colours
......European A-E
......European F-M
......European N-Z
......Eur Non-classified
......American A
......American B
......American C
......American D
......American E
......American F
......American G
......American H
......American I
......American J
......American K
......American L
......American M
......American N
......American O
......American P
......American Q
......American R
......American S
......American T
......American U
......American V
......American W
......American XYZ
......Ame Non-classified
......Australia - empty
...Hippeastrum/ Lily
...Late Summer
...Each of the above ...Bulb Galleries has its own set of Flower Colour Pages
...Flower Shape
...Bulb Form

...Bulb Use

...Bulb in Soil

Further details on bulbs from the Infill Galleries:-
Hardy Bulbs



...Forcing Lily of the Valley



...Hyacinths in Pots


...Lilium in Pots
...Narcissi in Pots



Half-Hardy Bulbs



Uses of Bulbs:-
...for Bedding
...in Windowboxes
...in Border
...naturalized in Grass
...in Bulb Frame
...in Woodland Garden
...in Rock Garden
...in Bowls
...in Alpine House
...Bulbs in Greenhouse or Stove:-




...Plant Bedding in

...Bulb houseplants flowering inside House during:-
...Bulbs and other types of plant flowering during:-
...Selection of the smaller and choicer plants for the Smallest of Gardens with plant flowering during the same 6 periods as in the previous selection

Climber in
3 Sector Vertical Plant System
Deciduous Shrub
...Shrubs - Decid
Deciduous Tree
...Trees - Decid
Evergreen Perennial
...P-Evergreen A-L
...P-Evergreen M-Z
...Flower Shape
Evergreen Shrub
...Shrubs - Evgr
...Heather Shrub
Evergreen Tree
...Trees - Evgr

...P -Herbaceous
...Flower Shape
...RHS Wisley
......Mixed Border
......Other Borders
Odds and Sods

...RHS Wisley A-F
...RHS Wisley G-R
...RHS Wisley S-Z
...Rose Use - page links in row 6. Rose, RHS Wisley and Other Roses rose indices on each Rose Use page
...Other Roses A-F
...Other Roses G-R
...Other Roses S-Z
Pruning Methods
Photo Index
R 1, 2, 3
Peter Beales Roses
RV Roger

Soft Fruit
Top Fruit

Wild Flower and
Butterfly page links are in next row

Topic -
Butterflies in the UK mostly use native UK wildflowers.

Butterfly Species.

Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly Usage
of Plants.

Plant Usage by
Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly.

Wild Flower
with its
flower colour page,
Site Map page in its flower colour NOTE Gallery
...Blue Note
...Brown Botanical Names
...Cream Common Names
...Green Note
...Mauve Note
...Multi-Cols Note
...Orange Note
...Pink A-G Note
...Pink H-Z Note
...Purple Note
...Red Note
...White A-D Note
...White E-P Note
...White Q-Z Note
...Yellow A-G Note
...Yellow H-Z Note
...Shrub/Tree Note

Wildflower Plants.

You know its name, use
Wild Flower Plant Index a-h, i-p, q-z.
You know which habitat it lives in, use
Acid Soil,
(Chalk) Soil
Marine Soil,
Neutral Soil,
is a
is a
is a
Rush, or
is a
You have seen its flower, use Comparison Pages containing Wild Flower Plants and Cultivated Plants in the
Colour Wheel Gallery.

Each plant named in each of the 180 Wildflower Family Pages within their 23 Galleries may have a link to:-
1) its Plant Description Page in its Common Name column in one of those Wildflower Plant Galleries and will have links,
2) to external sites to purchase the plant or seed in its Botanical Name column,
3) to see photos in its Flowering Months column and
4) to read habitat details in its Habitat Column.

(o)Adder's Tongue
(o)Bog Myrtle
(o)Cornel (Dogwood)
(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 1
(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 2
(o)Daisy Cudweeds
(o)Daisy Chamomiles
(o)Daisy Thistle
(o)Daisy Catsears (o)Daisy Hawkweeds
(o)Daisy Hawksbeards
(o)Dock Bistorts
(o)Dock Sorrels
(o)Filmy Fern
(o)Royal Fern
(o)Figwort - Mulleins
(o)Figwort - Speedwells
(o)Grass 1
(o)Grass 2
(o)Grass 3
(o)Grass Soft
Bromes 1

(o)Grass Soft
Bromes 2

(o)Grass Soft
Bromes 3

(o)Jacobs Ladder
(o)Lily Garlic
(o)Marsh Pennywort
(o)Melon (Gourd/Cucumber)
(o)Orchid 1
(o)Orchid 2
(o)Orchid 3
(o)Orchid 4
Clover 1

Clover 2

Clover 3

(o)Peaflower Vetches/Peas
(o)Pink 1
(o)Pink 2
Rannock Rush
(o)Rose 1
(o)Rose 2
(o)Rose 3
(o)Rose 4
(o)Rush Woodrushes
(o)Saint Johns Wort
Saltmarsh Grasses
(o)Sea Lavender
(o)Sedge Rush-like
(o)Sedges Carex 1
(o)Sedges Carex 2
(o)Sedges Carex 3
(o)Sedges Carex 4
Tassel Pondweed
(o)Thyme 1
(o)Thyme 2
(o)Umbellifer 1
(o)Umbellifer 2
(o)Water Fern
(o)Water Milfoil
(o)Water Plantain
(o)Water Starwort

Topic -
The following is a complete hierarchical Plant Selection Process

dependent on the Garden Style chosen
Garden Style
...Infill Plants
...12 Bloom Colours per Month Index
...12 Foliage Colours per Month Index
...All Plants Index
...Cultivation, Position, Use Index
...Shape, Form

Topic -
Plant Selection Process comparing relevant plants of all types within each of the number of colours for each Flower or Foliage Colour Gallery.

All Flowers 53 with
...Use of Plant and
Flower Shape
- page links in next row

All Foliage 53
instead of redundant
...(All Foliage 212)

All Flowers
per Month 12

Bee instead of wind pollinated plants for hay-fever sufferers
All Bee-Pollinated Flowers
per Month

Rock Garden and Alpine Flowers
Rock Plant Flowers 53

...Rock Plant Photos

Flower Colour Wheel without photos, but with links to photos
12 Bloom Colours
per Month Index

...All Plants Index

Topic -
Use of Plant in your Plant Selection Process

Plant Colour Wheel Uses
1. Perfect general use soil is composed of 8.3% lime, 16.6% humus, 25% clay and 50% sand, and
2. Why you are continually losing the SOIL STRUCTURE so your soil - will revert to clay, chalk, sand or silt.
Uses of Plant and Flower Shape:-
...Foliage Only
...Other than Green Foliage
...Trees in Lawn
...Trees in Small Gardens
...Wildflower Garden
...Attract Bird
...Attract Butterfly
, 2
...Climber on House Wall
...Climber not on House Wall
...Climber in Tree
...Pollution Barrier
...Part Shade
...Full Shade
...Single Flower provides Pollen for Bees
, 2, 3
...Covering Banks
...Patio Pot
...Edging Borders
...Back of Border
...Adjacent to Water
...Bog Garden
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Not Fragrant
...Standard Plant is 'Ball on Stick'
...Upright Branches or Sword-shaped leaves
...Plant to Prevent Entry to Human or Animal
...Coastal Conditions
...Tolerant on North-facing Wall
...Cut Flower
...Potted Veg Outdoors
...Potted Veg Indoors
...Raised Bed Outdoors Veg
...Grow in Alkaline Soil A-F, G-L, M-R,
...Grow in Acidic Soil
...Grow in Any Soil
...Grow in Rock Garden
...Grow Bulbs Indoors

Uses of Bedding
...Bedding Out
...Filling In
...Pots and Troughs
...Window Boxes
...Hanging Baskets
...Spring Bedding
...Summer Bedding
...Winter Bedding
...Foliage instead of Flower
...Coleus Bedding Photos for use in Public Domain 1

Uses of Bulb
...Other than Only Green Foliage
...Bedding or Mass Planting
...Tolerant of Shade
...In Woodland Areas
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Covering Banks
...In Water
...Beside Stream or Water Garden
...Coastal Conditions
...Edging Borders
...Back of Border or Back-ground Plant
...Fragrant Flowers
...Not Fragrant Flowers

...Grow in a Patio Pot
...Grow in an Alpine Trough
...Grow in an Alpine House
...Grow in Rock Garden
...Speciman Plant
...Into Native Plant Garden
...Naturalize in Grass
...Grow in Hanging Basket
...Grow in Window-box
...Grow in Green-house
...Grow in Scree
...Naturalized Plant Area
...Grow in Cottage Garden
...Attracts Butterflies
...Attracts Bees
...Resistant to Wildlife
...Bulb in Soil:-
......Lime-Free (Acid)

Uses of Rose
...Climber /Pillar
...Exhibition, Speciman
...Grow In A Container
...Climber in Tree
...Edging Borders
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Tolerant of Shade
...Back of Border
...Adjacent to Water

Topic -
Camera Photo Galleries showing all 4000 x 3000 pixels of each photo on your screen that you can then click and drag it to your desktop as part of a Plant Selection Process:-

RHS Garden at Wisley

Plant Supports -
When supporting plants in a bed, it is found that not only do those plants grow upwards, but also they expand their roots and footpad sideways each year. Pages
, 2, 3, 8, 11,
12, 13,
Plants 4, 7, 10,
Bedding Plants 5,
Plant Supports for Unknown Plants 5
Clematis Climbers 6,
the RHS does not appear to either follow it's own pruning advice or advice from The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers by George E. Brown.
ISBN 0-571-11084-3 with the plants in Pages 1-7 of this folder. You can see from looking at both these resources as to whether the pruning carried out on the remainder of the plants in Pages 7-15 was correct.

Narcissus (Daffodil) 9,
Phlox Plant Supports 14, 15

Coleus Bedding Foliage Trial - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
31, 32, Index

National Trust Garden at Sissinghurst Castle
Plant Supports -
Pages for Gallery 1

with Plant Supports
1, 5, 10
2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9,
11, 12
Recommended Rose Pruning Methods 13
Pages for Gallery 2
with Plant Supports
Plants 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Dry Garden of
RHS Garden at
Hyde Hall

Plants - Pages
without Plant Supports
Plants 1
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Nursery of
Peter Beales Roses
Display Garden

Roses Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13

Nursery of
RV Roger

Roses - Pages
V76,Z77, 78,

Damage by Plants in Chilham Village - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4

Pavements of Funchal, Madeira
Damage to Trees - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13
for trees 1-54,
14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
for trees 55-95,
26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
31, 32, 33, 34, 35,
36, 37,
for trees 95-133,
38, 39, 40,
41, 42, 43, 44, 45,
for trees 133-166

Chris Garnons-Williams
Work Done - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13

Identity of Plants
Label Problems - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

Ron and Christine Foord - 1036 photos only inserted so far - Garden Flowers - Start Page of each Gallery
AB1 ,AN14,BA27,

Plant with Photo Index of Ivydene Gardens - 1187
A 1, 2, Photos - 43
B 1, Photos - 13
C 1, Photos - 35
D 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Photos - 411
with Plants causing damage to buildings in Chilham Village and Damage to Trees in Pavements of Funchal
E 1, Photos - 21
F 1, Photos - 1
G 1, Photos - 5
H 1, Photos - 21
I 1, Photos - 8
J 1, Photos - 1
K 1, Photos - 1
L 1, Photos - 85
with Label Problems
M 1, Photos - 9
N 1, Photos - 12
O 1, Photos - 5
P 1, Photos - 54
Q 1, Photos -
R 1, 2, 3,
Photos - 229
S 1, Photos - 111
T 1, Photos - 13
U 1, Photos - 5
V 1, Photos - 4
W 1, Photos - 100
with Work Done by Chris Garnons-Williams
X 1 Photos -
Y 1, Photos -
Z 1 Photos -
Articles/Items in Ivydene Gardens - 88
Flower Colour, Num of Petals, Shape and
Plant Use of:-
Rock Garden
within linked page


Topic -
Fragrant Plants as a Plant Selection Process for your sense of smell:-

Sense of Fragrance from Roy Genders

Fragrant Plants:-
Trees and Shrubs with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for an Acid Soil
, 2, 3, 4
Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for a
Chalky or Limestone Soil
, 2, 3, 4
Shrubs bearing Scented leaves for a
Sandy Soil
, 2, 3
Herbaceous Plants with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3
Annual and Biennial Plants with Scented Flowers or Leaves
, 2
Bulbs and Corms with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3, 4, 5
Scented Plants of Climbing and Trailing Habit
, 2, 3
Winter-flowering Plants with Scented Flowers
, 2
Night-scented Flowering Plants
, 2

Topic -
Website User Guidelines

My Gas Service Engineer found Flow and Return pipes incorrectly positioned on gas boilers and customers had refused to have positioning corrected in 2020.



Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:


Plant Botanical Name:







Amaryllis belladonna - Bu
Pot Mid Fra Roc







































Ampelopsis brevipedunculata -
Cl-Tw White Inv Fru
PotGr-in Greenhouse only in UK
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
Cl-Tw White Fru
PotGr-in Greenhouse only in UK


































Araujia sericifera Cl-Tw
2 Colours Pois to Livestock, Pets
and Humans from Weeds of
Australia by Queensland
. Fra Fru
PotGr-Cold Conservatory




















Anemones have further details in Allium/ Anemone Gallery. Many are suitable for the Rock Garden
Anemone apennina
- Bu Blue
Sha Woo Nat
baldensis - Bu White
Sha Roc Bed
Anemone blanda - Bu Blue Sha
Woo Und Bed PotGr Gro Roc Und
Anemone blanda
'Blue Shades
' - Bu Blue Sha
Gro Bed Nat Woo Und
Anemone blanda
- Bu Pink Sha Pot
Cut Nat Und
Anemone blanda
'Pink Star
' - Bu Other Sha Pot
Und Cut Nat
Anemone blanda
- Bu Other Pot Woo Alp
PotGr Roc Nat Bed
Anemone blanda rosea - Bu Pink
Sha Alp PotGr Roc Bed Und
Anemone blanda
'Violet Star
' - Bu Other Sha Pot
Alp PotGr Roc Nat Und
Anemone blanda
'White Splendour
' - Bu White
Gro Sha Pot Cut Alp PotGr
Roc Nat Und
Anemone caroliniana - Bu Other
Sha Roc Woo
Anemone coronaria
'de Caen' - Bu Other Alp PotGr
Anemone coronaria
'St Brigid
' - Bu Other Sha
PotGr-Alp Roc Woo
Anemone demissa - Bu Other
Sha Woo Wat Nat Gra
Anemone fischeriana - Bu Blue
Pot PotGr-Alp Very tiny plant
Anemone hupehensis - Bu Other
Sha Gra Wat
Anemone x lipsiensis
- Bu Yellow Sha Woo Roc
Anemone intermedia - Bu Yellow
Sha Woo Und
Anemone narcissiflora - Bu Other
Sha-Woo Coast Alp-Gra Edib
Anemone nemorosa - Bu White
Sha-Woo Bee
Anemone nemorosa
'Alba Plena
' - Bu White Sha-Woo
Alp-PotGr Roc Nat Gro Bee
Anemone nemorosa
- Bu Blue Sha-Woo
Alp-PotGr Roc Nat Bee
Anemone nemorosa
'Bracteata Pleniflora
' - Bu
2 Colours Sha-Woo Alp-PotGr
Roc Nat Bee
Anemone nemorosa
- Bu White Sha-Woo
Alp-PotGr Roc Nat Gro
Anemone nemorosa
- Bu Blue
Sha-Woo Alp-PotGr Roc
Nat Bee
Anemone nemorosa
- Bu White Sha-Woo Gro
Alp-PotGr Roc Nat Bee
Anemone ranunculoides - Bu
Yellow Sha-Woo Roc PotGr-Alp
Anemone ranunculoides
- Bu Yellow Sha-Woo
Roc Alp Und
Anemone rupicola - Bu Other
Roc Woo Wat Ban
Anemone trullifolia - Bu Other
Sha-Woo Wat Alp-Gra

Arisaema ringens - Bu Other
Sha-Woo PotGr-Bring into
frost-free Conservatory
during Winter
Arisaema dracontium
- Bu White
Sha Pois Wat Woo
PotGr-Bring into frost-free
Conservatory during Winter
Arisarum proboscideum - Bu
Other Sha-Woo Cut Gro Inv
Arum italicum - Bu White
Sha-Woo Gro Nat Und Inv
Arum italicum
- Bu Other Sha
Cott Gro Nat Cut Pot Und
Arum maculatum - Bu Other
Sha-Woo Hed Pois Wat Edg
Arum orientale - Bu Other Sha
Arum palaestinum - Bu Other
Sha Pois Ban
Arum proboscideum - Bu Other
Sha-Woo Ban Edg
Aruncus dioicus - Bu White
Sha-Woo Cut Spe Wat Bed Mid






Each of those 32 pages of the
Coleus Bedding Foliage Trial Folder also contains Tables of Annuals:-

, plus Tables of Annuals with/for:-
2, Blue to Purple Flowers
3, Red to Pink Flowers 1, 2
4, Green Flowers
5, Black or Brown Flowers
6, Yellow, and Orange Flowers
7, White Flowers
9, Low-Growing
11, Medium-Growing
12, Tall-Growing
13, Heat-Tolerant
14, Moist Soil
15, Shade
16, Indoors
17, Cutting
18, Naturalize
19, Decorative Foliage
20, Edging
21, Fragrance
22, Hanging Baskets
23, Vining
24, Wildflower Meadows
25, Coastal Gardens
26, Mounded Habit
27, Erect Habit
28, Clump-Forming Habit
29, Compact/Bushy Habit
30, Spreading/Sprawling Habit
31, To Cover Fences
32, Odds and Sods 1, 2

Range, Culture and Description Details of each of the above annuals are within
Essential Annuals The 100 best for Design and Cultivation.
Text by Elizabeth Murray. Photography by Derek Fell.
Published by Crescent Books in 1989. ISBN 0-517-66177-2












Anredera cordifolia - Cl-Tw
White Edib-See Eat The Weeds
Psup-fence in Southern England









Anthericum liliago - Bu White Gra
Roc Woo Cut Nat
Anthericum liliastrum - Bu
2 Colours Sha Mid
Anthericum ramosum - Bu White
Nat Mid
Antholyza paniculata
- Bu Other
Sha Wat PotGr
Antholyza aethiopica
- Bu
Orange Swo Coast Woo Und
PotGr-Grow in Greenhouse in UK
Antholyza spicata
- Bu
2 Colours Swo Roc Ban
PotGr-Grow in Conservatory in UK



























































































































Apios tuberosa - Bu Other Wat
Edib Edg-Woo


Further details about the
Camellias and
in the Rhododendron Gallery are shown below

















































Azalea and Rhododendron Cultivation Requirements:

The Expert Advice page on the www.glendoick.com website provides a concise summary of the summary of the salient points about how and what Rhododendrons and Azaleas to grow.

The many Cox books are probably the best source of in depth information about how to grow Rhododendrons and azaleas. But the fundamentals are pretty straightforward and this is a concise summary of the salient points from Glendoick Nursery:-

  • SITE & SOIL. Soil pH (acidity of soil) is ideally pH 4.5-6. Almost all soil in Scotland is acidic. If it is not, it may have been limed for growing vegetables etc. This is easily remedied by adding a percentage of peat into the soil. One alternative is to use sulphate of ammonia. (you can’t use much of this when plants are in situ as it will burn lvs, so it is best done a few months before planting.)
  • SOIL PREPARATION. Rhododendrons need an open soil mixture. Very heavy (clay) and very fine particles are not suitable. To render soil more open (i.e containing air pockets) organic matter is added: leafmould is the best. Alternatives are compost (own or bought), composted bark, conifer needles etc. There is no point in spending money on rhododendrons and azalea if you are not prepared to do some soil preparation. Improve the soil in an area much bigger than the rootball so there is room to grow. If drainage is good, then soil preparation need be less than 12” (30cm) deep. You do not need peat: it has no structure, no feed and no mulching value. It is useful as an acidifier and for containers.
  • CLAY SOIL. If you have heavy clay soil, the best thing to do is make up a bed on top of the clay soil with compost, bark, peat etc and plant into this. This is what we did in the Glendoick Garden Centre Pagoda garden.
  • DEPTH OF PLANTING. Rhododendrons must not be planted too deep. The rootball should be just below the surface and no more. If you bury the rootball, you will kill the plant.
  • PLANTING Make sure plant is well-watered before planting. For bare rooted stock, October to early April is the planting time. Container stock can be planted at any time but if planted May-August must be well watered in the first growing season. Soil must be firmed up around the roots but do not stamp on the rootball. This only compacts the soil and buries the plant
  • CONTAINERS: Evergreen azaleas, yak hybrids and compact hybrids are best subjects for containers. Tender scented varieties can be grown in conservatory and brought in to house in flower. Use ericaceous compost with added perlite. Rhododendrons do not like central heating and will die if kept as house plants whereas Indica Azaleas are of course perfect. Make sure you have good drainage and do not allow compost to get too dry. Feed and repot when plant becomes rootbound. Do not over pot.
  • SHADE: Rhododendrons will not grow and flower well under trees: the roots will take the moisture and the lack of light will make plants straggly and shy flowering. The worst trees are greedy ones such as Beech and Sycamore. The roots of the tree will reach as far as the dripline (where the branches extend to). So you should be able to look up and see sky. If you can’t, you have a problem. If you live in Scotland, ignore all books/advice which say shade or part shade. Maximum light = maximum number of flowers. Good trees to grow with rhododendrons: Maples, Japanese and others, Cherries, Sorbus, Conifers such as Larch and Spruce, Hawthorn, Eucryphia.
  • Plant dwarf rhododendrons and evergreen azaleas in full sun in Scotland. Deciduous azaleas, larger hybrids and species can take some shade.
  • DEADHEADING & PRUNING. This is largely a cosmetic exercise: only a few varieties produce seed at the expense of growth. Rhododendrons and azaleas to not require any regular pruning. All azaleas and small-leaved rhododendrons can be pruned. This is best done immediately after flowering. You can prune most other rhododendrons back to where there is a circle of leaves (and therefore growth buds). Single growth buds can be pinched out in Spring to encourage bushiness.
  • WHAT CAN I PLANT WITH MY RHODODENDRONS? Anything you like as long as it does not take all the moisture from the roots: so avoid greedy ground covers like heathers, grasses. In the wild rhododendrons grow with other Ericaceous plants such as Enkianthus, Kalmia (USA), Vaccineum, Gaultheria, Pieris, other shrubs such as Berberis, climbers such as Clematis, and perennials such as Aquilegia, Primulas, Meconopsis, Lilies, Rheum, Orchids, etc. For late summer colour, use Hydrangea, Eucryphia, (Sorbus and other berrying plants).
  • WIND & SHELTER Varieties with large leaves, early growth or which are on the tender side for your climate tender require shelter from wind, particularly from south westerlies and north easterlies. If you have no shelter there are several options. 1. Plant a shelter belt of vigorous trees and shrubs. 2. Use rokolene or similar material to help plants establish. 3. Plant hardy wind-tolerant rhododendron varieties on the windward side and less hardy varieties inside these.
  • FEEDING Rhododendrons & azaleas do not need much feeding. If they look healthy and flower well, don’t bother. If you are in a hurry or plants look yellow or sparse, you can feed with almost any fertiliser but beware of high nitrogen mixes as they can burn foliage. A small handful (granular) around the roots of each plant in early May and late June should be enough. Don’t fertilise later as it encourages soft growth at the expense of flower buds. You can also use liquid feed. We don’t use sequestrene: it is not required unless there is iron deficiency.
    Dwarf rhododendrons & evergreen azaleas are quite easily rooted in a propagator. With heat rooting will be quicker. In a cold frame rooting may take up to 6 months or more. Deciduous azaleas, hardy hybrids and species are difficult. Some need to be grafted. Don’t waste time with seed unless it has been control-pollinated, otherwise it will be hybridised.
  • HARDINESS Measured in our catalogue as H1-5. H1 for frost free/greenhouse, to H5 the hardiest.
    • H5. Hardy hybrids, some species & dwarfs, yak hybrids and most evergreen and deciduous azaleas. H5 areas tend to be well inland and tend to suffer late (and early Autumn) frosts, so choose most varieties which flower in mid May-June to avoid damage to flowers.
    • H4 Glendoick, Perth, Dundee, Coastal Fife, Edinburgh etc, not too far from the sea or with plenty of shelter inland: woodland garden, or on slope with good frost drainage. Lots of hybrids and species are H4.
    • H3. Glendoick in sheltered woodland site. Some protection from trees, or on a south or west wall. May suffer damage in severe winters or bark split from late frosts. Many big leaved species are H3.
    • H2. Indoors on east coast, fine outdoors in Argyll and similar mild climates. Scented Maddenii species for conservatory/greenhouse.
    • H1 Indoors (frost free) only. This is for the Vireyas.

Azalea, Camellia or Rhododendron INDEX link to Plant Description Page

Flower Colour


Flowering Months

Height x Spread in inches (cms)
(1 inch = 2.5 cms,
12 inches = 1 foot = 30 cms,
24 inches = 2 feet)


Azalea indicum 'Macrantha Pink'

Deep Pink


May, June

72 x 72
(180 x 180)


Azalea viscosum

White with Pinkish-tinge


July, August

60 x 60
(150 x 150)


Camellia japonica




336 x 300 (840 x 750)


Rhododendron 'Blue Peter'

Light Lavender



60 x 72
(150 x 180)


Rhododendron 'Elizabeth'



April, May

48 x 48
(120 x 120)


Rhododendron macabeanum



March, April

120 x 120 (300 x 300)


Rhododendron 'Peace'




36 x 36
(90 x 90)


Rhododendron 'Pink Pearl'

Soft Pink


May, June

72 x 72
(180 x 180)


Rhododendron 'Sappho'




84 x 84
(210 x 210)


Rhododendron yakushimanum



May, June

36 x 36
(90 x 90)


Botanical Index Gallery Pages

Appended to Botanical Name is
'Plant Type' space 'Flower Colour' space 'Plant Use'

A, B, C, D, E,
F, G, H, I, J, K,
L, M, N, O, P, Q,
R, S, T, U, V, W,
X, Y, Z

Plants in the galleries below will also be added to above:-

Bee not wind pollinated plants against hay-fever

Rock Garden, Alpine Flowers
Rock Flowers

Rock Photos

Alpines, Aquatic, Annual, Beddi-ng, Biennial and Bulb with Clim-ber of 3 sector system from
Infill Plants

4000x3000 pixel Camera Photo Index A 1, 2

Fragrant Plants

Plant Type:-
Aq = Aquatic
An = Annual from Photo Coleus Galleries for diffent uses
Ba = Bamboo
Be = Bedding
Bu = Bulb
Cl = Climber
Co = Conifer
Ds = Deciduous Shrub
Dt = Deciduous Tree
Ep = Evergreen Perennial
Es = Evergreen Shrub
Et = Evergreen Tree
Fe = Fern
Gr = Grass
Hed = Hedging
Hp = Herbaceous Perennial
Her = Herb
Od = Odds and Sods
Rg = Plant for Rock Garden
Rh = Rhododendron, Azalea, Camellia
Ro = Rose
So = Soft Fruit
To = Top Fruit
Ve = Vegetable
Wi = Wildflower

Gr = Grass
Link in Plant Type is to either Index A of that type or to the Index in the right hand table on each page of that folder
Link(s) in expansion is to another folder in this ivydenegardens.co.uk website

Flower Colour:-
2 Colours

followed by
Plant Use:-
Alp = in Alpine Garden
Arc = Climb Arch, Pergola, Fence, Trellis
Bac = Back of Border
Ban = Cover Banks
Bed = Bedding, Mass Planting
Bee = Bee pollinated for Hay Fever Sufferers
Cli = Climber/Pillar
Coast = in Coastal Area
Cott = in Cottage Garden
Cut = Cut-Flower
Edib = Edible
Edg = Edging Border
Exh = Exhibition
Fra = Fragrant
Fru = Fruit, Berry, Nut
Fless = Free of Frost
Gra = in Grassland
Gro = Ground-Cover
Hed = Hedge, Plant in Hedge
Herb = in Herb Garden
Hip = Produces Hips, Seed-Head

Inv = Invasive; so pot the plant instead
Mid = Middle of Border
Nat = Naturalize
Nor = North-facing Wall
Pois = Poisonous
Pot = Grow in Pot
PotGr = Pot in Greenhouse, Conservatory, Houseplant
Pout = Plant Supportless
Psoil = Tolerates Poor Soil
Psup = Plant Supported
Sha = Tolerates Shade, Part Shade, Shade Part of Day
Roc = Rock Garden, Cliff, Scree, Gravel
San = on Sand Dunes
Shr = Climber in Shrubs
Spe = Speciman
Sta = Grow as Standard
Swo = Sword-shaped leaf
Tho = Thorns repel
Tless = Thornless
Tre = Climber in Tree
Und = Underplant
Veg = in Vegetable Garden
Wal = Grow as Wall Rose
Walls = Grows on Walls
Wat = Grow next to Water
Wet = Grow in Wet Soil
Wild = Attracts Wildlife
Woo = Woodland

item53a1a2a1a item52a1a1a item51a1a2a1a item45a1a2a1a item37a1a2a1a item36a1a2a1a item35a1a2a1a item34a1a2a1a item32a1a2a1a item31a1a2a1a item29a1a2a1a item28a1a2a1a item27a1a2a1a item25a1a2a1a item24a1a2a1a item23a1a2a1a item22a1a2a1a item18a1a2a1a item14a1a2a1a item11a1a2a1a item8a1a2a1a item7a1a2a1a item4a1a2a1a item3a1a2a1a item2a2a1a1 item53a1a2a1a item52a1a1a item51a1a2a1a item45a1a2a1a item37a1a2a1a item36a1a2a1a item35a1a2a1a item34a1a2a1a item32a1a2a1a item31a1a2a1a item29a1a2a1a item28a1a2a1a item27a1a2a1a item25a1a2a1a item24a1a2a1a item23a1a2a1a item22a1a2a1a item18a1a2a1a item14a1a2a1a item11a1a2a1a item8a1a2a1a item7a1a2a1a item4a1a2a1a item3a1a2a1a item2a2a1a1