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I have spent a considerable amount of time in creating this document on Companion Planting to give you a quick reference to improving either your harvest, the health of your plants, pest control or which plants cannot abide being next to each other.

The following 2 books (written by Louise Riotte 1909-1998 who was one of North America's most beloved gardeners) provide a wealth of extra information telling you what plants to put together for what purpose and how it does it (The only wasted information on each page is the page number!!!):-

Carrots love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte Second Edition (Storey Publishing 1998) ISBN-13: 978-1-58017-027-7

Roses love Garlic: Companion Planting and other Secrets of Flowers by Loiuse Riotte Second Edition (Storey Publishing 1998)
ISBN 1-58017-028-5

Companion Plants aid your garden including Pest Control.
Gertrude Franck's Companion Planting Method with
her Vegetable Garden Plan.
My Vegetable Garden with Plan followed by
Katie Thears answer to rotation/companion problems
with another answer for vegetables by Louise Riotte.
How to use Companion Planting in your Garden.
Companion Plant Table: A. This shows:-
Companion Plant Table: B. 1 - Name of Original Plant
Companion Plant Table: C. .... in alphabetical order.
Companion Plant Table: D. 2 - Name of Pest/Disease
Companion Plant Table: E. .... of that Original Plant.
Companion Plant Table: F. 3 - Name of Antidote to
Companion Plant Table: G. .... that Pest/Disease as a
Companion Plant Table: H. .... companion plant, or name
Companion Plant Table: I. .... of Companion Plant
Companion Plant Table: J. .... or Beneficial Insect Or Animal
Companion Plant Table: K. .... to the Original Plant.
Companion Plant Table: L. 4 - Name of Antagagonistic Plant
Companion Plant Table: M. .... to that Original Plant
Companion Plant Table: N. .... or name of a
Companion Plant Table: O. .... Pest/Disease that this
Companion Plant Table: P. .... Original Plant is
Companion Plant Table: Q. .... antagonistic to.
Companion Plant Table: R.
Companion Plant Table: S.
Companion Plant Table: T.
Companion Plant Table: U.V
Companion Plant Table: W.
Companion Plant Table: XYZ.
Pest/Disease Control by Companion Planting.
Companion Planting References.
Companion Planting books from the Ivydene Library: AG.
Companion Planting books from the Ivydene Library: GW.
Biodynamics as next step from Companion Planting.
Biodynamic Preparations with their
biodynamic preparation and use.
Advantages of use of these Biodynamic Preparations, with
the biodynamic Rotation and
the biodynamic Cropping Sequence.
How to use Biodynamics in your garden.
Companion Planting Site Map

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The Companion Plant P Page in the Companion Plant Table has Companion and Antagonistic Plants for only the Original Plants starting with the letter P.

The Plants Section has the Poisonous Plants Page.


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