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"Especially for junior and senior secondary agricultural schools, the International Flower Bulb Centre has painted the broadest possible picture of the world of flower bulbs and bulb flowers for these pupils.

A wide range of subjects can not only provide the basis for a report or project, but can also serve as a source of information to support the various subject areas such as bulb forcing or planting and maintenance." from The International Flower Bulb Centre.


Elegant Tulip Bulbs provides a great deal of information about tulips.


"When you shop for bulbs, you'll see some labeled as "good for naturalizing." This means that they can be counted on to come up year after year, and spread informally throughout your garden. This list of spring- and summer-flowering bulbs

are reliably perennial in habit. Plant bulbs in autumn." from The Old Farmer's Almanac in America.


Deeproot Plant base is an encyclopaedia of plants in the form of a simple to use interactive database. It is supplied complete with extensive data, but also enables adding and modification with personal information, including references to external material. The fully featured PC edition is available for download, also the same data may be viewed in the free simplified on-line version at www.deeproot.co.uk . The commercial reproduction rights of the photos in the database are for sale from Geoffrey Looker of Deeproot Software - email: enq@deeproot.co.uk.

Plant World Devon Ltd was formed in 1985 and supplies rare and unusual seeds to retail and wholesale customers all around the world. At any one time there are around 2000 flower and vegetable seeds in store and available to be purchased on-line. Plant World Devon Ltd, St Marychurch Rd, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4SE  (01803 872939)  www.plant-world-seeds.com

Coblands Nurseries:-
Coblands Nurseries were founded in 1963 growing a wide range of shrubs, herbaceous, grasses, ferns and trees in the ‘coblands’ of Kent. The production nursery extends to over 120 acres on a number of sites in and around Tonbridge, growing approximately a million plants at any one time.
www.best4plants.co.uk now brings this wealth of knowledge and expertise to the general public as well as the trade.

R. V. Roger Ltd, The Nurseries, Malton Road (A169), Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7JW - Tel:(01751)472226 - Fax:(01751)476749 is a traditional third-generation family-run nursery, with the emphasis on plant quality and first-class customer service. The range of field-grown fruit trees grown is one of the best in the country, including many traditional varieties, which are becoming quite rare. They also grow over 40,000 roses in nearly 300 varieties. The rose field is usually in flower from the middle of July until the autumn, when you are welcome to visit and walk through the field. Besides shrubs and ornamental trees, R. V. Roger also produce four bulb catalogues throughout the year, offering choice for a plant or plants by mail order direct from the 280 acre nursery.


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.Other Colours

(o)Early Season/ March
(o)Mid Season/ April
(o)Late Season/ May

Other Colour

1 Single Early
2 Double Early
3 Triumph
(o)4 Darwin
5 Single Late
6 Lily-flowered
7 Fringed
8 Viridiflora
9 Rembrandt
10 Parrot
11 Double Late
12 Kaufmanniana
13 Fosteriana
14 Greigii
(o)15 Species
16 Multiflowering
17 Breeder
18 Flamed
19 Feathered

Seed Colour

(o) Garden

Tulip Bulb INDEX link to Bulb Description Page

Flower Colour

Flowering Months

A tulip classification code can be created as follows:-

Division Number, Flowering Season, Height in inches and Main Flower Colour.

So Tulipa 'Apeldoorn' 4M24R is:-

  • Division 4
  • Mid Season Flowering
  • 24 inches high and
  • Red is Main Colour

Elegant Tulip Bulbs has lists of tulips in the following colours:-

  • Cream - C
  • Green - G
  • Orange - O
  • Multi-colour - MC
  • Pink - PI
  • Purple - PU
  • Red - R
  • Salmon - S
  • Violet - V
  • White - W
  • Yellow - Y
  • Other Colours - apricot, black, bronze, brown, blue, maroon, vermilion - OC

See Introduction Page for details on Tulipa Divisions

Tulipa Division 1: Single Early




Tulipa Division 2: Double Early




Tulipa Division 3: Triumph




Tulipa Division 4: Darwin Hybrid

Tulipa 'Apeldoorn' 4L24R


May, June

Tulipa Division 6: Lily-flowered




Tulipa Division 7: Fringed (Crispa)




Tulipa Division 8: Viridiflora




Tulipa Division 9: Rembrandt




Tulipa Division 10: Parrot




Tulipa Division 11: Double Late or Peony-flowered




Tulipa Division 12: Kaufmanniana




Tulipa Division 13: Fosteriana (Emperor)




Tulipa Division 14: Greigii




Tulipa Division 15: Species (Botanical)

Tulipa batalinii 15M15Y
Tulipa tarda 15M6MC
Tulipa turkestanica 15E12W
Tulipa urumiensis 15M6Y
Tulipa violacea 15E10MC

Pale Yellow
White with Yellow

April, May
April, May
March, April
April, May
March, April

Tulipa Division 16: Multiflowering




English Florist Tulipa Division 17: Breeder




English Florist Tulipa Division 18: Flamed




English Florist Tulipa Division 19: Feathered




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"Naturalization: The American Flag

The American Flag has 50 stars that represent the 50 states and 13 stripes that represent the original 13 colonies. Before the U.S. became a country, these 13 colonies were separate and Great Britain governed them. To fight the British, the colonies united. The War of Independence was fought in 1783. The U.S. became an independent country as a result, and the 13 colonies became the first 13 states. The colors chosen for the flag signify bravery (red), virtue (white), and justice (blue)."from the Naturalization Almanac: Important Documents: Symbols & Anthems of the United States.

Red and White Tulips with Blue Muscari could be used to create that flag in a flower bed. Other flags or scenes could also be created using mixtures of bulbs.