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Wildlife on Plant Photographs from Outside Sources

Most of the images displayed in the Plant Photographic Galleries or the Wildlife on Plant Photographic Galleries were donated by Mrs C. Foord with the following copyright permission:-

I Mrs Christine Foord hereby give permission for the images described hereunder to be published on the website www.ivydenegardens.co.uk of Ivydene Horticultural Services to Mr Chris Garnons-Williams.

Description of images: Photos taken by Mr Ron and Mrs Christine Foord during their lifetimes as 35mm colour slides. Images from these slides will be cropped from the original and output as low resolution pass-through graphics.

The copyright of these images remains with Ron and Christine Foord and will only be used with permission.

This document also gives limited licence for visitors to www.ivydenegardens.co.uk to download and print these cropped images for personal use only.

Permission to use the original images for publication is to be obtained from Mrs Christine Foord via written communication with Mr Chris Garnons-Williams of Ivydene Horticultural Services. Mrs Christine Foord has died, so will not be able to reply.

Other colour photographic donors:-

Amberol Ltd
Images and text about the Harvester Range of Self-Watering Containers were provided by John Williamson of Amberol Ltd, The Plantation King Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 7TT, with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright remains with Amberol. Permission to get the original images and use the images is to be obtained from Amberol Limited.
Phone: 01773 830 930
Fax: 01773 834 191
Email: info@amberol.co.uk

Mr Anderson
Images of Flowers on 35mm colour slides were provided by Mr Anderson of Strood, Kent with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with Mr Anderson.

Ball Colegrave Limited
The images in the Bedding Plant Gallery were provided by Dan Whiting of Ball Colegrave Limited. Ball Colegrave Limited sell Summer Colour (Summer Bedding) only to nursery growers - like KinderGarden Plants Ltd. KinderGarden Plants Ltd only sell their grown plants to Garden Centres. They also gave the same copyright permission, but the copyright of the images remains with Dan Whiting of Ball Colegrave Limited. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Ball Colegrave Limited.

Boston Seeds
Other plant images have been donated by Boston Seeds Ltd with the same copyright permission as above, but the copyright of the images remains with Boston Seeds Limited. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Boston Seeds, Laburnum House, Main Road, Langrick, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 7AN
Tel: 01205 280069  Fax: 01205 280060
email: info@bostonseeds.co.uk Web: www.bostonseeds.com

1100 other images of Wild Flowers and Insects were provided by BritishFlora with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with BritishFlora. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from BritishFlora, Grange Farm, Widmer End, Bucks. HP15 6AE
Tel: 01494 718203 Fax: 01494 718989

The British Gladiolus Society
The British Gladiolus Society aims to promote and improve all aspects of Gladiolus culture. Members benefit from the advice and experience of successful growers both in the United Kingdom and abroad and it is usually only a phone call, e.mail or letter away. Members receive a free copy of the Gladiolus Annual, which is a comprehensive yearly publication distributed worldwide to individuals, institutes and affiliated societies. Three Newsletter bulletins per year, free admission to exhibitions where this can be arranged and the right to exhibit at all society shows. Images were provided by Nigel Coe with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with The British Gladioli Society. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Nigel Coe.

Coblands Nurseries Ltd
Other plant images have been donated by Coblands Nurseries Ltd with the same copyright permission as above, but the copyright of the images remains with Coblands Nurseries Limited. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Designer Plants, Coblands Nurseries Ltd, Trench Road, Tonbridge, Kent. TN11 9NG
Tel: 01732 378200 Fax: 01732 362168
dp@coblands.co.uk Web: www.coblands.co.uk

Deeproot Plant Base
Certain images of plants were provided by Deeproot Plant Base. The copyright of these images remains with Geoffrey Looker of Deeproot Software, who has granted permission for them to be published on www.ivydenegardens.co.uk . Limited licence is given for visitors to www.ivydenegardens.co.uk to download and print these cropped images for personal use only. Permission and terms to use the original images may be obtained from Deeproot Software.
enq@deeproot.co.uk Web: www.deeproot.co.uk

Denver Botanic Gardens
This Email sent on 24 July 2018:-

Dear S Krishnan,
I have been creating a small educational website called www.ivydenegardens.co.uk since 2005. I have found that in your botanic garden that you have Androsace chamaejasme and that you have posted some photos on


I am always looking for validated images to use since, I cannot take enough photos myself to cover the complete range of native and cultivated plants either grown or sold in the UK. I was particularly looking for the foliage this time and the overall shape of the plant to use on this page


Could I use 1 or more of those images and if I find that you have other plants with images that would be suitable in description could I use those from Denver Botanic Garden?
My copyright permissions page shows how I use them and how the reduction in the resolution to 72 pixels by Freeway means that the images I publish cannot be used by others in publications.


Thank you for reading this and I hope for a positive reply.
Best regards,
Chris Garnons-Williams

This reply received on Monday 30 July 2018:-

Dear Chris,
You are welcome to use the image of Androsace chamaejasme (or other plant images) that you found on the Gardens Navigator website for your education website. If you need the original images, please let me know and I can provide those. Please credit as ©Denver Botanic Gardens.
Kind regards,

Cindy Newlander
Associate Director, Horticulture (Plant Records)
Denver Botanic Gardens
909 York Street
Denver, CO 80206
720-865-3553 Phone
720-865-3679 Fax
Denver Botanic Gardens recognizes the citizens of metro Denver for helping fund arts, culture and science through their support of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).


Gee Tee Bulb Company
Use of bulb images from their website with the same copyright permission as above, but the copyright of the images remains with Gee Tee Bulb Company. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Frank Teeuw, Gee Tee Bulb Company, Field Works, Common Road, Moulton Seas End, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6LF
Tel:(01205) 260412 Fax:(01205) 260451
email: info@gee-tee.co.uk Web: www.gee-tee.co.uk

Images of Growrings with the same copyright permission as above, but the copyright of the images remains with Growrings - Instant Raised Beds in Ireland. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Growrings. Tel: +44 1423 574 021
email: info@growrings.ie

Hawthornes Nursery
Images of Climbers with the same copyright permission as above, but the copyright of the images remains with Hawthornes Nursery. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Richard and Irene Hodson, Hawhtornes Nursery, Marsh Road, Hesketh Bank, Nr. Preston, Lancs. PR4 6XT. Tel: 01772 812379. Web:
Hawthornes Nursery, Email: Richard

Kevock Garden Plants
1900 images of plants were provided by Kevock Garden Plants with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with Kevock Garden Plants. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from David and Stella Rankin, Kevock Garden Plants, 16 Kevock Road, Lasswade, Midlothian, EH18 1HT
Tel:(01314) 540660 Fax:(01314) 540660
email: info@kevockgarden.co.uk

Madeleine F. Williamson Pires
Online gallery of original fine art by Madeleine F. Williamson Pires - Nature Themes. Beautiful and affordable oil paintings of flowers, landscapes, skyscapes, space scenes and more. Portfolio items for sale and artist available for commission - personal themed paintings at reasonable prices, open to negotiation.
Web: www.mfaithart.com
Email info@mfaithart.com

Mobilane (UK) Limited
All the images of Green Screen Hedges, Ground-covering plant mats and Green Walls were provided by Mobilane with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with Mobilane. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Sean Farrell, the Managing Director for Mobilane (UK) Limited, PO Box 449, Stoke on Trent, Staffs. ST6 0AE.
Tel: 08702 427710,
Web: www.mobilane.eu
Email sales@mobilane.co.uk

Ms D. Scudder
Digital images of Flowers were provided by Ms Scudder, with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright remains with Ms Scudder.
Ms Scudder for copies of originals.

Plant World Devon Ltd
Digital images were provided by Plant World Devon Ltd with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright remains with Plant World Devon Ltd. Permission to use the original images and/or to acquire them is to be obtained from Ray Brown, Plant World, St Marychurch Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 4SE 
Tel: 01803 872939   

Q Lawns
Digital Images of Enviromat together with descriptive text used in the Grass Gallery were provided by Q Lawns with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright remains with Q Lawns. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Angela Lambert (Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator) Q Lawns, Corkway Drove, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk IP26 4AB
Tel: 01842 828266        
Fax: 01842 8287911
www.qlawns.co.uk  ,
www.enviromat.co.uk  and

Roseland House Garden & Nursery
Digital images were provided by Roseland House Garden & Nursery with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright remains with Roseland House Garden & Nursery. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Charlie & Liz Pridham, Roseland House, Chacewater, Truro, Cornwall. TR4 8QB. Tel: 01872 560451. Web:
roseland house Email: clematis@roselandhouse

R. V. Roger Ltd
Digital images were provided by R.V. Roger Ltd with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright remains with R.V. Roger Ltd. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from R. V. Roger Ltd ,The Nurseries, Malton Road (A169), Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7JW
Tel:(01751)472226 - Fax:(01751)476749

Suttons Consumer Products Ltd
8 images of Vegetables were provided by Suttons with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with Suttons. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Francijn Suermondt, the Marketing Coordinator for Suttons Consumer Products Ltd, Woodview Road, Paignton, Devon. TQ4 7NG
Tel: 01803 696364 Fax: 01803 696 370. A vegetable/flower seed, plant, bulb or fruit catalogue can be obtained from
Web: www.suttons.co.uk or
Web: www.dobies.co.uk

The Plant Nursery
Images are provided by Doris with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with The Plant Nursery. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from Doris, The Plant Nursery, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Tel: 017799 571133. For plants sold see
Web: www.theplantnursery.co.uk and to order use
Email: doris@theplantnursery.co.uk

Trees for Life
Images of Apple, Cherry and Pears were provided by Brian Lovelidge from Frank P. Matthews with the same copyright permission as for Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with Frank P. Matthews. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from
Brian Lovelidge of
Frank P Matthews Ltd
, Berrington Court, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. WR15 8TH. Tel: 01584 810214
www.frankpmatthews.com grow soft fruit and top fruit plants.

William J. Owen International Gladiolus Registrar
Images and information about the International Gladiolus Classification list were provided with the same copyright permission as Christine Foord, but the copyright of the images remains with William J. Owen and The North American Gladiolus Council. The larger images are used in the 25 American Gladiolus Galleries. Permission to use the original images and to get them is to be obtained from William J. Owen, International Gladiolus Registrar of The North American Gladiolus Council, 675 Mac Elroy Road, Ballston Lake NY 12019-2201.
Web: North American Gladiolus Council

I Ray Burton of Workware hereby give permission for the image described hereunder (Tripod Ladder in the Useful Data Section) to be published on the website www.ivydenegardens.co.uk of Ivydene Horticultural Services to Mr Chris Garnons-Williams. For every one to use without restriction. You can view all our products at www.workware.co.uk


Rejected Requests
When photographs used by nurseries/ wholesalers are supplied to them by Photo Libraries or Label Companies, then copyright permission cannot be given for those photos to be used elsewhere by those nurseries/ wholesalers.

Over a period of 9 weeks, 900 35 mm slides from Kent Wildlife Trust were digitised by me in 2008 and returned with 9 CDs with the digitised files on them. Unfortunately, no copyright permission has been received from them so they cannot be used in this website.

The Webmaster from the The Seed Site wishes to point out that all communications between it and any other are copyright and that the contents may not be divulged without their permission.

Although I have been a member of the National Trust for years, here is there rejection email, sent on the last day of July 2019:-

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your interest in the garden at Ightham Mote and your enquiry which has been passed on to me.

While we would be happy to get a positive mention on your website and you could take photographs yourself of plants in the garden and use them if it is a not for profit situation we are not able to get involved directly with other websites in this sort of way, sorry. National Trust does have partnership agreements with other organisations regarding sharing information on each other’s websites but these have to be agreed at a much higher level that would not fit this situation. It may be easier to approach privately owned gardens or independent trusts rather than gardens owned by such a large organisation as National Trust.

Although I cannot help you with you enquiry I do appreciate what you are doing with your website to encourage people’s interest and provide information and support about plants and gardening and wish you continuing success with it.

All the best,


Richard Burton
Head Gardener
Ightham Mote
Mote Rd
Ivy Hatch
TN15 0NT

T:  01732 810378

M: 07483905470



Photos in this website which are credited to Chris Garnons-Williams may be used by anyone else. It would be appreciated if at least a link to the page where it was lifted from could be used in crediting me as its copyright owner in "Photo from Chris Garnons-Williams".

Photos used are normally inserted into a graphic image and published. Freeway reduces the resolution to 72 pixels per inch, which reduces the size of a 50 x 50 pixel thumbnail graphic to between 1400 and 1900 bytes. This published graphic is exported to a file with the following naming system:

fritillaria fol imperialis rubra maxima rvroger

where for plant photos:-

  • fritillaria is the genus name
  • fol is foliage with 3 parts where part 2 is mandatory
    part 1 - c is thumbnail of
    part 1 - f is image on wildflower family page
    part 1 - p is image on plant description page
    part 2 - flo is flower
    part 2 - fol is foliage
    part 2 - for is overall form/natural habit
    part 2 - fru is fruit/seed
    part 2 - support is plant support structure like linkstakes or birch branch
    part 3 - t is thumbnail
    part 3 - spr is spring
    part 3 - sum is summer
    part 3 - aut is autumn
    part 3 - win is winter
  • imperialis rubra maxima is rest of plant name and
  • roger is the identity of the copyright owner of the photo (garnons-williams for my copyright owner identity)

Then the published graphic in the published page is deleted and the above named file is imported as a Pass-through graphic, published and then uploaded to the website.

A Pass-through graphic is then a resource rather than embedded in each page it is used. It was mainly used in the thumbnail comparison pages to speed up the loading of the images in links to pop-up window pages - this means that when the pass-through thumbnail was clicked the plant description page for it was added to the screen. Unfortunately, many phones etc do not support pop-up windows, so from October 2013 I am linking the new thumbnail images using maps - this means that the non-pass-through image is embedded into each page it is used and then clicking on it changes the comparison page to the respective Plant Description Page.

If you decide to use any of the larger photos of mine, you may find it better for your viewers to convert the JPEG file to a GIF file - this means that half the photo is added at the speed that the viewers modem can bring it down and each line be shown as it is bringing it down. When the even or odd lines have been displayed then the others are brought down the same way - this then persuades the viewer to keep looking rather than switching to something else, since the image from a JPEG is not displayed until the whole image has been downloaded. Images bigger than 200 x 200 pixels may be better as GIF files.
In re-using the photos from the Camera photos of Coleus RHS Bedding Trial gallery containing my photos in 4000 x 3000 original camera size, you can crop etc them, publish the result in a magazine or book; and put it up on your own website. Depending on its size, I would suggest .GIF rather than .JPG for the reasons stated above if to a website.



Except for the businesses and individuals above, the citizens of the UK are loath to share information with the public in the UK unless it is for financial profit - even though it is free advertising for their company's plants/seeds or garden open to the public.


I apologise for my compatriots and request that possibly others from the rest of the world could provide photos and maintenance text for plants that could be grown from seed or plant in the UK. Then, these plants could be supplied from either that or another nursery or seed company that would provide a mail-order system direct to the public.

It may be possible for companies in America to mail-order their plants/seeds to Europe and any company in the European Union can mail-order to any other country in the European Union.


Camera photos of Coleus RHS Bedding Trial starts the process of displaying the complete 4000 x 3000 pixel original photos from Chris Garnons-Williams. Since each photo can be 3.5-6.0 Mb and there may be 11 of these on a page; each page may take a long time to download (Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace. Grace is a little girl who would not wash her face).


Site design and content copyright ©April 2007. Page structure amended October 2012. Chris Garnons-Williams.

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This row gives a very clear overall description of the
Cultural Needs of Plants

from Chapter 4 in Fern Grower's Manual by Barbara Joe Hoshizaki & Robbin C. Moran. Revised and Expanded Edition. Published in 2001 by Timber Press, Inc. Reprinted 2002, 2006. ISBN-13:978-0-

"Understanding Fern Needs
Ferns have the same basic growing requirements as other plants and will thrive when these are met. There is nothing mysterious about the requirements - they are not something known only to people with green thumbs - but the best gardeners are those who understand plant requirements and are careful about satisfying them.
What, then, does a fern need?

All plants need water.
Water in the soil prevents roots from drying, and all mineral nutrients taken up by the roots must be dissolved in the soil water. Besides water in the soil, most plants need water in the air. Adequate humidity keeps the plant from drying out. Leaves need water for photosynthesis and to keep from wilting.
All green plants need light to manufacture food (sugars) by photosynthesis. Some plants need more light than others, and some can flourish in sun or shade. Most ferns, however, prefer some amount of shade.
For photosynthesis, plants require carbon dioxide, a gas that is exhaled by animals as waste. Carbon dioxide diffuses into plants through tiny pores, called stomata, that abound on the lower surface of the leaves. In the leaf, carbon dioxide is combined with the hydrogen from water to form carbohydrates, the plant's food. This process takes place only in the presence of light and chlorophyll, a green pigment found in plant cells. To enhance growth, some commercial growers increase the carbon dioxide level in their greenhouses to 600ppm (parts per million), or twice the amount typically found in the air.
Plants need oxygen. The green plants of a plant do not require much oxygen from the air because plants produce more oxygen by photosynthesis than they use. The excess oxygen liberated from the plants is used by all animals, including humans. What do plants do with oxygen? They use it just as we do, to release the energy stored in food. We use energy to move about, to talk, to grow, to think - in fact, for all our life processes. Although plants don't talk or move much, they do grow and metabolize and must carry on all their life processes using oxygen to release the stored energy in their food.
Roots need air all the time. They get it from the air spaces between the soil particles. Overwatering displaces the air between soil particles with water, thereby removing the oxygen needed by the roots. This reduces the root's ability to absorb mineral nutrients and can foster root-rot.
Plants need minerals to grow properly. The minerals are mined from the soil by the plant's root system. If a certain mineral is missing, such as calcium needed for developing cell walls, then the plant will be stunted, discoloured, or deformed.
Some plants tolerate a wide range of temperatures, whereas others are fussy. If the temperature is too high or low, the machinery of the plant will not operate satisfactorily or will cease entirely.

The basic needs of plants are not hard to supply, but growing success depends on attending to these needs with care and exactitude. The remainder of this chapter is devoted to a discussion of these requirements, with the exception of mineral needs, which are discussed in Chapter 5.



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Problems with trees in pavements in Funchal, Madeira in January/February 2018
Death of tree roots and
Death of tree trunks/branches caused by people.
Solution to problems for trees caused by people using irrigation -
Growth of Pollarded Tree in Hotel Garden in 1 year provides a water solution to this destruction.

Damage to Tree Trunks 1, 2, 3, 4 caused by people,
Damage to Tree Roots caused by people,
Area of Open Ground round trees,
New Trees in pavements 1, 2,
Irrigation of current trees,
Watersprouts on trees,
Crossing Branches in trees,
Utility Equipment with tree Foliage,
Lights on trees,
Bycycle Lane in Pavement,
Public Gardens alongside pavements,
Hotel/Private Gardens alongside pavements,
Current Permeable Pavement Surface round trees and
Irrigation and Fertilising of trees.

Camera Photo Galleries:-
Pavements of Funchal, Madeira
Damage to Trees
, 2, 3, 4.
Will visitors to Madeira worry about having branches or trees in public places fall on them? No; according to Engineer Francisco Pedro Freitas Andrade of Est. Marmeleiros, No 1, Jardins & Espaces Verdes who is Chef de Diviso Câmara Municipal do Funchal; Departamento de Ciência e de Recursos Naturais; Divisão de Jardins e Espaços Verdes Urbanos in charge of the trees within the pavements within the area controlled by Funchal Municipality -
See Monitoring of Trees in pavements in Funchal, Madeira from September 2019 to February 2010 1, 2 pages by his department.

Demise of trees in pavements in St. Peter Port, Guernsey caused by people to their Roots

Medway Proposed New School Comments in September 2019



Problems with electrical re-wire in my home, with the knowledge after the event that the client can do nothing about it, since Napid requires you to re-use the same contractor to fix the problems. Would you after reading these pages?

We wrote the
concerns about the electrical work on 21.03.21;
Questions concerning electrics on 21.03.21 and
re-wire narrative on 19.04.2021
which had no effect on the credit card company or Napid. So we commisioned the following report to see if that will make any difference.
Pages 10, 11, 12, 13 contain information concerning the condition of the electrical installation of the complete rewiring of my home by Mr Manderson of Manderson Electrical Services Ltd, with the report by a qualified electrician and this statement about the work carried out:-
"The result of my observations and testing, I am recommending that all the fixed wiring be recovered and a complete new fixed wiring installation is installed. Unfortunately the work previously carried out is of such a poor standard I cannot re-use any of it."
Mr Manderson is a Part P Registered Electrician with Napit; Registered Competent Person Electrical; Approved Electrician from Napit; City & Guilds Qualified; Part P Electrical Safety; and Honest & Transparent. His firm was employed to replace all the wiring, power sockets, light switches and lights and make sure that rodents could not attack them to chew through the cables or cause an
electrical problem.
10 lists 18 electrical faults on the new wiring, re-use of the old wiring, and old wiring that was still either in use or had been cut at the old power socket, at the old light fitting, or old light switch (the plasterers filled an old power socket metal box and short-circuited the fuse - it will be fine in 30 minutes sir; 4 hours later it was still shorting, so presumably that would explain why they switched off one of the fuses in the old fuseboard - see photo on page 15 of the report. As clients; we do appreciate having the opportunity of electrocuting ourselves from their re-wire work) where

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Camera Photo Galleries:-

RHS Garden at

Plant Supports .

Coleus Bedding Foliage Trial 1, 2 .

National Trust Garden at Sissinghurst Castle
Plant Supports 1, 2 .

Dry Garden of
RHS Garden
at Hyde Hall

Plants .

Nursery of
Peter Beales Roses - Their
Display Garden

Roses .

Nursery of
RV Roger

Roses A1, A2 .

Damage by Plants in Chilham Village .

Pavements of Funchal, Madeira
Damage to Trees
, 2, 3, 4.

Chris Garnons-Williams
Work Done

Identity of Plants
Label Problems 1

Ron and Christine Foord
Garden Flowers 1

The plant with photo in the above Camera Photo Galleries

the plants with photos in the other Plant Photo Galleries below in

Plant with Photo Index of Ivydene Gardens - 1167

A 1
, Photos - 36
B 1, Photos - 13
C 1, Photos - 35
D 1, Photos - 411
Photos of
Plants causing damage to buildings in Chilham Village and
Photos of
Damage to Trees in Pavements of Funchal
are in the D pages

E 1, Photos - 21
F 1, Photos - 1
G 1, Photos - 5
H 1, Photos - 21
I 1, Photos - 8
J 1, Photos - 1
K 1, Photos - 1
L 1, Photos - 72
Photos of Label Problems are also in the L pages

M 1, Photos - 9
N 1, Photos - 12
O 1, Photos - 5
P 1, Photos - 54
Q 1, Photos -
R 1, Photos - 229
S 1, Photos - 111
T 1, Photos - 13
U 1, Photos - 5
V 1, Photos - 4
W 1, Photos - 100
Photos of
Work Done by Chris Garnons-Willams are also in the W pages
X 1, Photos -
Y 1, Photos -
Z 1, Photos -

Articles/Items in Ivydene Gard
ens - 88

and in
Flower Shape and Plant Use of

Evergreen Perennial
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Deciduous Shrub
Evergreen Tree
Deciduous Tree

1. Why the perfect soil for general use is composed of 8.3% lime, 16.6% humus, 25% clay and 50% sand
within the SOIL TEXTURE, and
2. Why you are continually losing the SOIL STRUCTURE if you leave bare earth between plants so your soil - will revert to clay, chalk, sand or silt - unless you replace that lost humus with an organic mulch.


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Colour Wheels with number of Colours
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Evergreen Shrub
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......Erica: Carnea
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Evergreen Tree
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Wildflower Plants


Topic - Flower/Foliage Colour
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Following your choice using Garden Style then that changes your Plant Selection Process
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Topic -
Butterflies in the UK mostly use native UK wildflowers.

Butterfly Species.

Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly Usage

of Plants.

Plant Usage
Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly.

followed by all the Wild Flower Family Pages:-


There are 180 families in the Wildflowers of the UK and they have been split up into 22 Galleries to allow space for up to 100 plants per gallery.

Each plant named in each of the Wildflower Family Pages may have a link to:-

its Plant Description Page in its Common Name in one of those Wildflower Plant Galleries

and it does have links:-

to external sites to purchase the plant or seed in its Botanical Name,

to see photos in its Flowering Months and

to read habitat details in its Habitat Column.

57(o)58 Crucifer (Cabbage/ Mustard) 1
indicates 57 Plant Description Pages with photos and 58 plants with photos in that Crucifer Family Page 1:-

Wild Flower

ad borage gallery
...(o)2 Adder's Tongue
...(o)3 Arrow-Grass
...(o)4 Arum
...1(o)1 Balsam
...2(o)2 Barberry
...(o)10 Bedstraw
...(o)7 Beech
...(o)12 Bellflower
...(o)5 Bindweed
...(o)4 Birch
...(o)1 Birds-Nest
...(o)1 Birthwort
...(o)2 Bogbean
...(o)1 Bog Myrtle
...(o)23 Borage

box crowberry gallery
...1(o)1 Box
...(o)11 Broomrape
...2(o)2 Buckthorn
...(o)1 Buddleia
...(o)1 Bur-reed
...29(o)30 Buttercup
...(o)6 Butterwort
...6(o)6 Clubmoss
...(o)2 Cornel (Dogwood)
...(o)1 Crowberry

cabbages gallery
...57(o)58 Crucifer (Cabbage/ Mustard) 1
...(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 2

cypress cud gallery
...(o)4 Daffodil
...(o)23 Daisy
...(o)21 Daisy Cudweeds
...(o)16 Daisy Chamomiles
...3(o)22 Daisy Thistle
...(o)17 Daisy Catsears

hawk dock gallery
...(o)5 Daisy Hawkweeds
...(o)5 Daisy Hawksbeards
...(o)2 Daphne
...(o)1 Diapensia
...(o)10 Dock Bistorts
...(o)7 Dock Sorrels

duckw fern gallery
...(o)4 Duckweed
...(o)1 Eel-Grass
...(o)2 Elm

figwort fum gallery
...(o)24 Figwort - Mulleins
...(o)21 Figwort - Speedwells
...2(o)2 Filmy Fern
...(o)4 Flax
...(o)1 Flowering-Rush
...(o)3 Frog-bit
...7(o)7 Fumitory

g goosefoot gallery
...1(o)10 Gentian
...(o)16 Geranium
...(o)4 Glassworts
...(o)2 Gooseberry
...(o)13 Goosefoot

grasses123 gallery
...(o)8 Grass 1
...(o)8 Grass 2
...(o)8 Grass 3

g brome gallery
...(o)8 Soft Bromes 1
...(o)8 Soft Bromes 2
...(o)9 Soft Bromes 3

h lobelia gallery
...(o)2 Hazel
...(o)15 Heath
...(o)1 Hemp
...(o)1 Herb-Paris
...(o)1 Holly
...(o)7 Honeysuckle
...(o)1 Horned-Pondweed
...2(o)2 Hornwort
...5(o)5 Horsetail
...(o)9 Iris
...(o)1 Ivy
...(o)1 Jacobs Ladder
...(o)17 Lily
...(o)7 Lily Garlic
...(o)2 Lime
...(o)2 Lobelia

l olive gallery
...(o)1 Loosestrife
...(o)5 Mallow
...(o)4 Maple
...(o)1 Mares-tail
...(o)1 Marsh Pennywort
...1(o)1 Melon (Gourd/ Cucumber)
...(o)2 Mesembry-anthemum
...3(o)3 Mignonette
...3(o)3 Milkwort
...(o)1 Mistletoe
...(o)1 Moschatel
...4(o)4 Nettle
...(o)7 Nightshade
...(o)1 Oleaster
...(o)3 Olive

orchid parn gallery
...(o)22 Orchid 1
...(o)22 Orchid 2

peaflowers gallery
...(o)20 Peaflower
...(o)31 Peaflower Clover
...(o)18 Peaflower Vetches/Peas
...(o)1 Parnassus-Grass

peony pink gallery
...(o)1 Periwinkle
...7(o)23 Pink 1
...7(o)24 Pink 2

p rockrose gallery
...(o)1 Pitcher-Plant
...(o)6 Plantain
...26(o)27 Polypody
...(o)4 Pondweed
...8(o)8 Poppy
...16(o)16 Primrose
...3(o)3 Purslane
...Rannock Rush
...2(o)2 Reedmace
...4(o)4 Rockrose

rose12 gallery
...(o)30 Rose 1
...(o)23 Rose 2
...1(o)1 Royal Fern

rush saxi gallery
...(o)1 Rush
...(o)1 Rush Woodrushes
...9(o)9 Saint Johns Wort
...Saltmarsh Grasses
...(o)1 Sandalwood
...(o)1 Saxifrage

sea sedge2 gallery
...1(o)3 Sea Lavender
...(o)2 Sedge Rush-like
...(o)1 Sedges Carex 1
...1(o)1 Sedges Carex 2

sedge3 crop gallery
...(o)1 Sedges Carex 3
...(o)1 Sedges Carex 4
...(o)1 Spindle-Tree
...(o)13 Spurge
...(o)1 Stonecrop

sun thyme gallery
...(o)1 Sundew
...1(o)1 Tamarisk
...Tassel Pondweed
...(o)4 Teasel
...(o)20 Thyme 1
...(o)21 Thyme 2

umb violet gallery
...15(o)15 Umbellifer 1
...15(o)15 Umbellifer 2
...(o)5 Valerian
...(o)1 Verbena
...11(o)11 Violet

water yew gallery
...1(o)1 Water Fern
...2(o)2 Waterlily
...1(o)1 Water Milfoil
...1(o)1 Water Plantain
...2(o)2 Water Starwort
...(o)9 Willow
...(o)1 Willow-Herb
...(o)5 Wintergreen
...(o)1 Wood-Sorrel

The Site Map Page that you link to from the Menu in the above row for the Wildflower Gallery contains all the native UK plants which have their Plant Description Pages in the other 22 Wildflower Galleries. It also has Wildflower Index Pages, Flower Colour Comparison Pages and links to the 180 Wildflower Family Pages as shown in the menu above.



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It is worth remembering that especially with roses that the colour of the petals of the flower may change - The following photos are of Rosa 'Lincolnshire Poacher' which I took on the same day in R.V. Roger's Nursery Field:-


Closed Bud


Opening Bud


Juvenile Flower


Older Juvenile Flower


Middle-aged Flower - Flower Colour in Season in its
Rose Description Page is
"Buff Yellow, with a very slight pink tint at the edges in May-October."


Mature Flower


Juvenile Flower and Dying Flower


Form of Rose Bush

There are 720 roses in the Rose Galleries; many of which have the above series of pictures in their respective Rose Description Page.

So one might avoid the disappointment that the 2 elephants had when their trunks were entwined instead of them each carrying their trunk using their own trunk, and your disappointment of buying a rose to discover that the colour you bought it for is only the case when it has its juvenile flowers; if you look at all the photos of the roses in the respective Rose Description Page!!!!


Fragrant Plants adds the use of another of your 5 senses in your garden:-

Sense of Fragrance from Roy Genders

Fragrant Plants:-
Trees and Shrubs with Scented Flowers.

Trees and Shrubs with Scented Leaves.

Trees and Shrubs with Aromatic Bark.

Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for an
Acid Soil

Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for a
Chalky or Limestone Soi

Shrubs bearing Scented leaves for a
Sandy Soil

Herbaceous Plants with Scented Flowers.

Herbaceous Plants with Scented Leaves.

Annual and Biennial Plants with Scented Flowers or Leaves.

Bulbs and Corms with Scented Flowers.

Scented Plants of Climbing and Trailing Habit.

Winter-flowering Plants with Scented Flowers.

Night-scented Flowering Plants.

Scented Aquatic Plants.

Plants with Scented Fruits.

Plants with Scented Roots.

Trees and Shrubs with Scented Wood.

Trees and Shrubs with Scented Gums.

Scented Cacti and Succulents.

Plants bearing Flowers or Leaves of Unpleasant Smell.